Implementing Dynamic Keyword Insertion

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Implementing Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Implementing Dynamic Keyword Insertion

As a rule of thumb, if the keyword used by a user in the search query is a part of your ad copy, then the ad copy receives a higher click-through rate. The dynamic keyword insertion allows you to mimic this scenario by automatically inserting the searcher's keyword into your ad copy.

Dynamic keyword insertion has to follow these guidelines:

  1. The new ad copy should still follow the editorial rules set by Google (covered in the Google AdWords Basic Course).
  2. If the keyword is a registered trademark, then dynamic keyword insertion won't work unless your account is authorized to use that trademark.
  3. Along with denoting where the keyword will be inserted you need to define what will show in your ad copy if the keyword cannot be inserted.

Here is how to set up dynamic keyword insertion:

AdWords Advanced Course

In the above screen shot, you can see the headline has {KeyWord:Online Training} as a part of the ad copy. The braces and enclosed text forms the body of the dynamic keyword insertion tag.

Use the following syntax in your ad copy: {keyword:default text}. The keyword phrase will insert the keyword that triggered your ad. The "default text" is the text that you want Google to display if dynamic keyword insertion fails.

How Dynamic Keyword Insertion Works

Consider the above example shown in the screen shot. Assume that Webucator pays for "Google Analytics Training" and "Google Adwords Training" keywords.

Let's imagine that a user searched for the phrase "Google Analytics Training" and it triggered Webucator's ad. Now the keyword that triggered the ad (i.e., "Google Analytics Training") will be used in the headline. If for some reason this dynamic keyword insertion failed, the default text (i.e., Online Training) would be displayed in the headline. On the other hand, if a user searched for "Google AdWords Training" and if this phrase triggered Webucator's ad, then for this time "Google AdWords Training" would be displayed in the headline.

Managing Case Sensitivity for Dynamically Inserted Keywords

Here is how you can manage the case sensitivity of the dynamically inserted keyword.

Your Ad Copy Ad Display Explanation
{keyword:Online Training} google analytics training Inserted keyword will be all in lowercase.
{KeyWord:Online Training} Google Analytics Training Inserted keyword will follow CamelCase.
{Keyword:Online Training} Google analytics training Inserted keyword will follow Sentence case.