Geographic Targeting In AdWords

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Geographic Targeting In AdWords

Geographic Targeting In AdWords

What is Geographic Targeting

AdWords allows you to select which location your ads will be displayed. This is helpful if you want to show a different ad message in different locations or set different budgets by location (e.g. Webucator can show ads related to programming classes in Redmond, and ads for graphic design classes in the New York City area).

How Google offers Geo Targeting

Google decides the location of the searcher based on the following four known methods:

  1. Based on which Google search engine was used by the searcher (e.g. for USA and for Canada).
  2. Based on the explicit geographic qualifier in the search query (e.g. restaurants in Syracuse).
  3. Based on searcher's web history (if enabled) or based on the previous searches made by the searcher.
  4. Based on the IP address of the searcher.

Geo targeting will help you reach an audience with a unique message, thus allowing you to possibly increase your CTR and conversion rate in specific locations.