Application of Experiments - Exercise

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Application of Experiments - Exercise

Application of Experiments

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes.
  1. Identify which keywords you should increase the bid on and which keywords to lower the bid amount to see significant changes in your Average CPC and Clicks metrics.


  1. Setup a bidding experiment in which you can change bid amounts by lowering the bid for certain keywords and by increasing the bid amount for other keywords.
  2. Follow the instructions outlined in step 1: Setting up ACE; your setup should look similar to the following screenshot: AdWords Advanced Course
  3. Navigate to the Campaign menu and then click on the Keywords tab.
  4. Enable the experiment segmented view and within the experiment row make changes to the bid amount. In the following screenshot, I am making a 25% increase in the bid amount for the 'webucator trainings' keyword.
  5. Click Save to complete this step.AdWords Advanced Course
  6. In this example we have selected a start date for this experiment and hence the experiment will run automatically.
  7. Monitor the changes in the Clicks and Avg. CPC column (for the keywords you are experimenting with).
  8. If you see the blue arrow symbol it means that Google has identified significant differences in these metrics.