Leveraging the Ad Sitelinks in AdWords Ads

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Leveraging the Ad Sitelinks in AdWords Ads

Leveraging the Ad Sitelinks in AdWords Ads

Ad Sitelinks allows you to showcase additional links (other than your destination URL) to make your ads more useful and relevant to an online searcher. Ad Sitelinks can display up to four additional destination URLs for users to choose from. Google uses its own discretion to decide when to show Ad Sitelinks for your text ads. Ad sitelinks are most likely to appear

  1. When your ad provides the best result for a search query (this is determined by Google).
  2. For top-ranked ads with high-quality scores.
  3. For unique brand terms.

Here is how you can configure Ad Sitelinks for your ads:

  1. Ad Sitelinks are campaign specific, so first navigate to a specific campaign in your AdWords account.
  2. Click the Ad Extensions tab.
  3. Use the drop-down menu that says View: Sitelinks Extensions.
  4. Enter up to 10 additional links that you want online searchers to see along with your ad.
  5. Click Save to incorporate these changes.

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