Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool

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Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool

Ad Preview and Diagnostic Tool

The Ad Preview and Diagnostic tool allows you to preview your ads as they would appear on a regular Google Search Results Page (SERP) without generating extra impressions for your ad. This tool allows you to test your campaign without affecting your CTR metric. And it allows you to check the performance of all the keywords within an ad group instead of testing individual keywords.Here is how you can leverage this tool Here is how you leverage this tool:

  1. Navigate to the Tools tab within your Google AdWords account.
  2. Using the drop-down menu, click the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool.
  3. In the keyword field, enter the search query for which you want to test your ad.
  4. In the Google Domain field, select the Google property on which you are running a particular campaign (e.g., or
  5. Select the Display Language.
  6. Under the Country field, provide your geo location preference by selecting a particular country name and by providing a particular region (states) in which you are advertising.

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In the above screen shot, you can see that Google is providing us with insight into which campaign and which ad group within that campaign was responsible for generating this ad. The pseudo SERP shows exactly where your ad would have shown on Google's property.