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Webucator's Free Advanced Google AdWords Tutorial

Lesson: Conversion Tracking in Google AdWords

Welcome to our free Advanced Google AdWords tutorial. This tutorial is based on Webucator's Advanced Google Ads Training course.

Lesson Goals

  • To Implement Conversion Tracking.
  • To Enable Conversion Metrics.

Why to Track Conversions and How Conversion Tracking Works

One of the first things you do when implementing AdWords is to select appropriate keywords and write ads that attract people's attention. You write ads that you expect will achieve a high click-through rate (CTR). However, receiving clicks on your ad(s) means you pay money to Google. It does not tell whether the ad generated money for you. Conversion tracking allows you to:

  1. Check whether your ads are bringing qualified leads to your Web site.
  2. Conversion tracking allows you to bid intelligently by leveraging metrics such as cost per conversion and ROI.

Here is how conversion tracking works:

  1. You install AdWords conversion tracking code on your receipt page or any confirmation pages (lead generation pages).
  2. When a visitor completes a transaction or submits a contact-us form, cookie valves will be modified by the tracking code.
  3. This allows Google to track which campaigns/keywords brought visitors who actually completed a task on your site.

Implementing Conversion Tracking in Google AdWords

Setting up a New Conversion in AdWords

  1. Use the Tools tab and select Conversions.
  2. Click on the +Conversion button. (You also have the option to import your Goals from Google Analytics.)
  3. Provide Conversion Name, a field that will help you remember which conversion is taking place.
  4. Select Source, a field that allows to select conversion type from a few different conversion categories.
  5. Click Save and Continue to proceed further.
  6. Choose your Conversion category, Conversion window, Count, and Markup Language.
  7. Select whether you would like to inform your online visitors about the fact that you are tracking their visit.
  8. Select the background color (by default it's white).
  9. Click the Save and continue button to proceed.
  10. Grab the JavaScript code generated by Google and incorporate it on the conversion page on your web site. Place the code just before the closing body tag.

AdWords Advanced Course

AdWords Advanced Course

Validating Conversion in AdWords

Here are two simple ways in which you can verify your conversion process:

  1. Wait for a conversion to occur. It could take about 24 hours for Google to update your reports.
  2. Complete a test conversion on your site, after which you should see small but clearly visible text that says "Google Site Stats" on the conversion pages where you've placed the code.

Enabling the Conversions Report in AdWords

Once you have conversion tracking installed, you will have access to multiple conversion metrics. All of these metrics will be added to your account. To enable these views:

  1. Navigate to your Campaigns tab.
  2. Click the Columns button.
  3. Under the Conversions column,s enable the metrics you would like to use to measure your AdWords conversions.

AdWords Advanced Course