Understanding Google's Display Network

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Understanding Google's Display Network

Understanding Google's Display Network

Let's take a look at how we can leverage Google's content network. Content ads are different from search ads.

If someone is reading an article on a blog, Google content network will help you advertise your ads based on the content of that particular page. Here is an example of a content ad by Google:

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How Does Advertising on the Display Network Work?

  1. Google scans a page within their content network and then assigns a theme to that page.
  2. Google scans your ad groups and based on all the keywords in each of your ad groups Google assigns a theme to that ad group.
  3. When a content page and your ad group contain the same theme, your ad can be displayed on that page.

A Few Things You Should Know About the Display Ads

  1. Content network ads will obey all your campaign settings (e.g., location, budget, etc.).
  2. For content ads, Google will only consider negative keyword match.
  3. You cannot set different bid amounts for each keyword as all the keywords are looked at as a group to decide your theme.
  4. It is highly recommended that you create a separate ad campaign for your content ads.