How to Leverage Content Network in Google AdWords

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How to Leverage Content Network in Google AdWords

How to Leverage Content Network in Google AdWords

Google has two types of content targeting techniques:

  1. Automatic Placements: Google decides where your ads will be shown based on the process which we discussed in the above section.
  2. Managed Placements: You get to choose where your ads will be displayed.

Automatic Placement

  1. Start creating a new campaign
  2. When you start a new campaign, you can choose a few options: Search Network with Display Select, Search Network Only, or Display Network Only.
  3. If you were to choose the first or third option, Google will automatically select the most closely aligned sites to show your display ads on, based on relevant, matchign content.
  4. Within either of the two options mentioned above, you can also choose whether to display these ads on all available display network options, just on mobile devices, or just to people who have previously visited your website (remarketing).

Targeted Placement

To use targeted placement (in lieu of automatic placements) follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab and select the campaign that you want to use for targeted placements.
  2. Click the Display Network tab.
  3. Click Placements tab.
  4. Select the Ad Group for which you want to use targeted placement (remember content network uses the concept of themes).
  5. Add the list of domain names where you would like your ad to be displayed.
  6. Use the negative sign (-) in front of domain names on which you don't want your ad to be displayed.
  7. Click Save to save your changes.

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