Definition Lists

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Definition Lists

Definition Lists

Definition lists, which are used less frequently than unordered and ordered lists, are used to create lists containing terms and definitions. Dreamweaver does not provide a way to create them using the Properties Inspector. You can insert a definition list in Dreamweaver CS6 using the Insert menu:

In Dreamweaver CC:

  1. Select the location to place the list.
  2. Choose Format > List > Definition List.
  3. Enter the list items.

To illustrate how a definition list is added to a page:

  1. Open ClassFiles/Dreamweaver/Exercises/definition-list.html in Dreamweaver.
  2. The page is currently empty. Type "Abbreviations" and make it a Heading 1.
  3. With the cursor below the heading, begin a definition list: Insert > HTML > Text Objects > Definition List. You will not notice any change on the page, but if you look at the Tag Inspector on the bottom left, just above the Properties Inspector, you will see this: This indicates that you are in a defintion term (dt) within the definition list (dl).
  4. Type the following:
    • ol Enter
    • Ordered List Enter
    • ul Enter
    • Unordered List Enter
    • dl Enter
    • Definition List Enter Enter
  5. After pressing Enter twice at the end of the list, you should no longer be in the definition list and your page should look as follows:

The display of definition lists is a little odd, but if you learn CSS well, you will be able to change the display to look like the page below (or however else you like):