Converting Content to a List - Exercise

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Converting Content to a List - Exercise

Converting Content to a List

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise you will modify Resources.html, which currently looks like this:

Notice that it contains a list of resources. Although the order may not matter, it would be nice to be able to refer to a resource by number, so that the list could be represented as an ordered (or numbered) list. Each resource has some related information, which could be represented in a nested list:

  • The date it was posted.
  • A description.

Modify the page to look like this:

  1. Open ClassFiles/Dreamweaver/Exercises/Resources.html in Dreamweaver.
  2. Modify the page so that it appears as shown in the second screen shot above.
  3. Save your work and open your new page in a browser to test it.


The solution to this exercise will be reviewed in the presentation that follows in the next activity.