Adding Links to Your Page - Exercise

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Adding Links to Your Page - Exercise

Adding Links to Your Page

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will add links to your page.

  1. Create the following new pages and save them in ClassFiles/Dreamweaver/Exercises. Add titles and level-one headings to each page:
    1. Races as Races.html
    2. Calculator as Calculator.html
    3. Running Log as RunningLog.html
    4. My Account as MyAccount.html
    5. Log out as Logout.html
  2. Open ClassFiles/Dreamweaver/Exercises/index.html in Dreamweaver if it's not already open.
  3. Add the following links:
    • Home: index.html
    • Races: Races.html
    • Resources: Resources.html
    • Calculator: Calculator.html
    • Running Log: RunningLog.html
    • My Account: MyAccount.html
    • Log out: Logout.html
    • the most up-to-date information on running races: Races.html
    • the best resources for runners: Resources.html
  4. Save your page and open it in the browser.
  5. Test your links. Do they work?


The solution to this exercise will be reviewed in the presentation that follows in the next activity.