Setting Up a Website

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Setting Up a Website

Setting Up a Website

Follow these steps to set up your website for this course:

  1. From the Site menu, select New Site... to open the Site Setup dialog:
  2. Enter "dw-class" for the Site Name and browse to the dreamweaver folder within the course class files for the Local Site Folder:
  3. Click Save.

Your Files panel should now look like this:

Open up the Exercises folder and you should see the hello-world.html file you created in the last exercise.

Pointing to Websites

When you point your browser to a website (e.g.,, the browser fetches a page from a web server somewhere on the internet. That web server is simply a computer with some special software on it for serving web pages and associated files (e.g., images). The server can deliver pages to many different clients (browsers) at the same time as shown below:

As a web developer, you may be responsible for putting your pages onto the web server. Different organizations handle this in different ways, but one common way is via File Transfer Protocol (FTP). We will show you how to set this up in Dreamweaver; however, in this course, we will simply view the files locally.

  1. To reopen the Manage Sites dialog, select Manage Sites... from the Site menu.
  2. Select "dw-class" from the site list and click the pencil icon.
  3. Click Servers on the left, and then click the plus symbol as shown below.
  4. The options will change depending on how you connect to your website (e.g., FTP, Local/Network, WebDAV, RDS).
  5. For our purposes, you can cancel out of these dialogs as we will not need to connect to a web server for this course.