Breaks and Horizontal Rules

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Breaks and Horizontal Rules

Breaks and Horizontal Rules

As we have discussed, when you press Enter in Dreamweaver, a new paragraph gets added. Sometimes it is desirable to have a hard return appear within a paragraph. In HTML, this is called a break. In Dreamweaver, you can add a break by pressing Shift+Enter.

Horizontal rules are used for visually separating content. For example, you might use them to section off blocks of related content in an article or to provide a separator above the footer or below the header.

To add a horizontal rule, do one of the following:

  • In Dreamweaver CS6 Select Insert > HTML > Horizontal Rule:
  • In Dreamweaver CC Select Insert > Horizontal Rule:
  • Make sure the Insert panel is open (Window > Insert): And select Horizontal Rule from the Common Insert panel:

Breaks and horizontal rules should be used sparingly. They are very often mistakenly used for formatting purposes only:

  • Breaks are often used to add spacing between paragraphs. This is better accomplished with CSS.
  • Horizontal rules are used to provide a separation between sections of content. If this is purely for design purposes, then it's often better to use CSS borders to accomplish the same thing.