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DevOps is a term for development and operations, combined to describe a collaborative approach to the delivery life cycle from start to finish.

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DevOps Training

Choose this DevOps course for a basic overview of DevOps and its associated tools. Your expert instructor will walk you through various hands-on exercises to get you familiar with various DevOps tools. You will leave this DevOps class with a practical code base that you can refer too when solving real business problems.

Beginning DevOps with Docker

Choose this DevOps course if you are a team of developers, system architects, or site reliability engineers interested in adopting a Docker workflow. Your expert instructor will teach you the power of containerization and the influence this innovation has on development teams and general operations. You will also learn what DevOps really is, the principles involved, and how implementing a Docker workflow contributes to product health.

DevOps: Continuous Delivery Using Visual Studio Team Services

Choose this DevOps course if you are experienced software development professionals who want to learn how to use DevOps to achieve Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Feedback, and Continuous Learning in a technical value stream as supported by Visual Studio Team Services, Visual Studio, and Azure in order to continually deliver working software at scale.

What people say about our training

This was an excellent class. The instructor is very knowledgeable with MS Project and provided more insight than the books offered. This class is very much worth it if you want to take an intro class to MS Project.
Ruan Riggs
Black Box Network Services
Best experience!
Delva Martinez
US Dept of the Interior OSMRE
The instructor is very knowledgable and kept everything moving at a comfortable pace.
Lauren Cotton
Martin Marietta Materials
Fun and Infomative. A great class for both Beginners and Advanced SQL users.
Jeremy Mitchell
Granite Telecommunications

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