Kotlin for Android Training

In this Kotlin for Android course, students will be introduced to Kotlin features and create an Android app from the ground up.


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  1. Learn Kotlin features.
  2. Build an Android app.
  3. Understand Kotlin vs. Java.
  1. Introduction
    1. What is Kotlin?
    2. What do we get with Kotlin?
  2. Getting ready
    1. Android Studio
    2. Install Kotlin plugin
  3. Creating a new project
    1. Create a new project in Android Studio
    2. Convert MainActivity to Kotlin code
    3. Configure Kotlin in project
    4. Include some other useful configuration
    5. Test that everything works
  4. Classes and functions
    1. How to declare a class
    2. Class inheritance
    3. Functions
    4. Constructor and functions parameters
  5. Writing your first class
    1. Creating the layout
    2. The Recycler Adapter
  6. Variables and properties
    1. Basic types
    2. Variables
    3. Properties
  7. Anko and Extension Functions
    1. What is Anko?
    2. Start using Anko
    3. Extension functions
  8. Retrieving data from API
    1. Performing a request
    2. Performing the request out of the main thread
  9. Data Classes
    1. Extra functions
    2. Copying a data class
    3. Mapping an object into variables
  10. Parsing data
    1. Converting JSON to data classes
    2. Shaping the domain layer
    3. Drawing the data in the UI
  11. Operator overloading
    1. Operators tables
    2. An example
    3. Operators in extension functions
  12. Lambdas
    1. Simplifying setOnClickListener()
    2. Click listener for ForecastListAdapter
    3. Extending the language
  13. Visibility Modifiers
    1. Modifiers
    2. Constructors
    3. Reviewing our code
  14. Kotlin Android Extensions
    1. How to use Kotlin Android Extensions
    2. Kotlin Android Extensions in 1.
    3. Refactoring our code
  15. Application Singleton and Delegated Properties
    1. Application Singleton
    2. Delegated Properties
    3. Standard Delegates
    4. How to create a custom delegate
    5. Reimplementing the App Singleton
  16. Creating an SQLiteOpenHelper
    1. ManagedSqliteOpenHelper
    2. Tables definition
    3. Implementing SqliteOpenHelper
    4. Dependency injection
  17. Collections and functional operations
    1. Aggregate operations
    2. Filtering operations
    3. Mapping operations
    4. Elements operations
    5. Generation operations
    6. Ordering operations
  18. Saving and requesting data from the database
    1. Creating database model classes
    2. Writing and requesting data
  19. Null safety in Kotlin
    1. How Null types work
    2. Nullity and Java libraries
  20. Creating the business logic to data access
  21. Flow control and ranges
    1. If Expression
    2. When expression
    3. For loops
    4. While and do/while loops
    5. Ranges
  22. Creating a Detail Activity
    1. Preparing the request
    2. Providing a new activity
    3. Start an activity: reified functions
  23. Interfaces and Delegation
    1. Interfaces
    2. Delegation
    3. Implementing an example in our App
  24. Generics
    1. Basics
    2. Variance
    3. Generics examples
  25. Settings Screen
    1. Creating the settings activity
    2. Accessing Shared Preferences
    3. Generic preference delegate
  26. A first walk into coroutines
    1. Understanding how coroutines work
    2. Using Anko for coroutines
    3. Using coroutines in our example
  27. Testing your App
    1. Unit testing
    2. Mocking closed classes
    3. Instrumentation tests
  28. Extra concepts
    1. Nested classes
    2. Enum classes
    3. Sealed classes
    4. Exceptions
  29. Java interoperability
    1. Package-level functions
    2. Extension functions
    3. Function overloads
    4. Instance and static fields
    5. Data classes
    6. Sealed classes
    7. Inline functions and reified types
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Kotlin class:

  • A strong Java programming background is essential for this course.
Prerequisite Courses

Courses that can help you meet these prerequisites:

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Our instructor was as good as it gets. She took the time to listen and provide thorough answers. It really was just as good as being in a classroom!
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The instructor proved to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the MS Project software tool. Extremely satisfied!
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I was extremely satisfied with the course.
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