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In this Introduction to JIRA Administration training class, you'll learn all the ins and outs of configuring a custom JIRA instance. You will learn about all the different components of JIRA and how to properly piece them together in a comprehensive manner.

In this JIRA course, you'll learn about Issue types, Project types, Workflow design and customization, custom fields, plugins, permissions, user management, and different scheme types for administration. You will also learn how to become a power user with JIRA while touching on subjects such as Kanban boards, Scrum Boards, advanced JQL queries, filters, and dashboards.

  1. Learn how to start building JIRA projects.
  2. Learn project management best practices with JIRA.
  3. Understand the difference between Server and Cloud instances of JIRA .
  4. Learn how to tie together all the different pieces of JIRA to form a fully customized project.
  5. Learn advanced workflow creation techniques.
  6. Get the most from JIRA data from a management perspective.
  7. Learn to install additional pieces to flesh out your instance with new configuration options.
  8. Learn advanced JQL searching.
  9. Learn how to keep up with JIRA's constantly changing UI and features.
  1. Introduction to JIRA
    1. The History of JIRA
    2. Administration vs. User
    3. Basic System Administration Overview
    4. Project Administration vs. System Administration
  2. Understanding the "Layers" of a Project
    1. Projects
    2. Issue Types
    3. Workflows
    4. Fields
      1. System Fields
      2. Custom Fields
    5. Screens
  3. Basic Configuration Concepts and Strategies
    1. Instance Installation
    2. Project Creation
    3. Adjustment of Existing Schemes vs. Creation of New Ones
    4. Issue Types (In Depth Discussion)
    5. Issue Type Scheme Configuration
    6. Workflows (In Depth Discussion)
    7. Basic Workflow Configuration
    8. Workflow Scheme Configuration
  4. Notifications
    1. Default Notifications
    2. Creation of New Notifications
    3. Modification of Existing Notifications
  5. Permissions
    1. Default Permissions
    2. Creation of New Permissions
    3. Modification of Existing Permissions
  6. The Evolution of JIRA
    1. A Quick Discussion on UX Changes and What to Look out for
  7. User Management Lecture
    1. Users
    2. Groups
  8. Custom Fields
    1. Creation of Custom Fields
    2. Custom Field Contexts and Options
  9. Screens
    1. Create Screen Overview
    2. Edit Screen Overview
    3. View Screen Overview
      1. Screen Schemes Configuration
      2. Issue Type Screen Schemes Configuration
    4. Transition Screens
      1. "Comment Only" Transition Screens
  10. Advanced Workflow Creation
    1. Transition Overview
    2. How to Create Advanced Transitions Using Conditions, Validators, and Post Functions
    3. Inserting Transition Screens into Your Advanced Workflow
  11. Large Lab - Create a New Project from Scratch
  12. Agile Boards
    1. Kanban
    2. Scrum
  13. Filters
    1. Searching for Issues
    2. Saving a Search as a Filter for Later Use
      1. Using Filters
      2. Accessing Others' Filters
      3. Filter Permissions
  14. Advanced JQL Configuration
    1. JQL Queries
    2. JQL Helper
    3. JQL Filters
  15. Dashboards
    1. Configuring Your Dashboard
      1. System Dashboard vs. User Dashboard
      2. Gadgets
      3. Loading Filters
      4. Sharing Your Dashboard
      5. Finding Other Dashboards
  16. Q&A and Assistance in Individual Instance Configuration
    1. How Are You Using JIRA?
    2. How Would You Like to Use JIRA?
    3. Analysis of Your Instance
      1. Recommendations
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Our instructor was great! He was enthusiastic and motivating for the entire two days of the course. He had a great deal of knowledge about the course content as well as related applications. I am looking forward to taking the advanced course with him.

Ryan Crockett, Schoolcraft College
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