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Beginning Swift Training

- $1,150.00

If you are seeking fundamental Swift programming skills, in preparation for learning, to develop native applications for iOS or macOS, this course is for you. You don’t need to have any prior Swift knowledge; however, object-oriented programming experience is desired.


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5-min Narration Presentation for Apple Mobile Development

  • History of Apple Mobile Development
  • Purpose of Mobile App Development
  • How Hard is it to Learn?
  • The Good and the Bad
  • The Future of Apple Swift
  • The Basic Syntax of Apple Swift

History of Apple Mobile Development

  • Apple introduced the SDK (System Development Kit) for iOS mobile development in 2008.
  • iOS Operating System for iPhone, iPod, and iPad was also introduced.
  • SDK is designed to assist developers with creating mobile apps for iOS devices.
  • Objective-C was the original development language.
  • In 2014 Swift was released by Apple as the preferred programming language for iOS mobile development.

Purpose of Mobile Development

  • Permits developers to write apps for mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.
  • Provides developers with a powerful, straightforward-to-use computer language.
  • Furnishes developers with Xcode, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that expedites app development.

Sample Uses of iOS Apps

  • Business apps based on current web applications.
  • Navigation and MapKit.
  • Games.
  • And many other applications for business and personal use.

Swift Difficulty Level

  • High-level programming language.
  • Similar to Ruby, Python, and Objective-C.
  • Swift is human readable.
  • Swift procedural statements are similar to Python and Objective-C.
  • Other major companies like IBM are interested in Swift.

Learning Swift

  • Experienced programmers can get up to speed with the basic syntax.
  • Great language for object-oriented programming.
  • Comprehensive API documentation:
  • New learners should learn Swift 3.

Swift: The Good

  • Relatively straightforward to learn.
  • Recommended language for iOS development.
  • Excellent Swift API documentation.
  • Great Apple support.

Swift: The Bad

  • Currently Swift is a single-purpose language.
  • Object-oriented programming style in Swift can be challenging to learn.

Swift: The Future

  • Use of Swift continues to grow.
  • Preferred language for iOS mobile app development.
  • Swift's similarities to other popular languages will promote Swift development.
  • Xcode is upgraded regularly to improve the development experience.


  • Statements and optional semicolons.
  • Curly brackets denote scope.
  • Case sensitive.
  • By convention:
    1. Lowercase variables and method names.
    2. UpperCamelCase class names.

Declaring Variables

var foo = "Hello, world"
var fooBar : Double

Declaring Constants

let foo = "Hello, world"
let bar = 5
let fooBar : Float = 20.16


//Single-line comments follow 2 forward slashes

This is a 
multi-line comment.

Common Data Types: Strings and Characters

let a = "foo"

var b = "b"

Common Data Types: Integers and Floats

var year = 2017

let weight = 4.9

var stellarDistance : Double

Common Data Types: Booleans

var cool = true

let dead = false

Common Data Types: Arrays

var fruit = ["apple", "plum", "pear"]


if someThing or otherThing {
else if thisThing and thatThing {
else {


while i < 5 {    	print("Current value of i: \(i)")	i += 1}

for grade in grades {    print(grade)}


func say(_ word : String, n : Int){    	for _ in 1...n {       	print(word)	}}
say("Hello", n: 5) // say hello five times

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"I was looking for insight in moving from Objective C to Swift and this class provided just that."

What people say about our training

The instructor was excellent and was able to challenge experienced programmers while keeping beginners equally engaged. His passion for the material was inspirational.
Jay Smith
The Ohio State University
Excellent class. I learned the fundamentals of Swift over the course of a few days. The instructor did a superb job of explaining the material as well as other concepts that fell outside the scope of the class. I would give the experience two thumbs up!
Mark Thorogood
Perkins Coie LLP
The online experience gave me the ability to focus on the training from my computer. I did not have to fly somewhere for a week. The course covered enough material to get me started with iOS development.
Edwin Alvarez
The Walt Disney Company
Webucator goes above and beyond. Their policy for not postponing classes based on attendance as well as the quality of their courses keeps me coming back.
Trenton South
Truity Credit Union

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