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5-min Narration Presentation for Apple Mobile Development

  • History of Apple Mobile Development
  • Purpose of Mobile App Development
  • How Hard is it to Learn?
  • The Good and the Bad
  • The Future of Apple Swift
  • The Basic Syntax of Apple Swift

History of Apple Mobile Development

  • Apple introduced the SDK (System Development Kit) for iOS mobile development in 2008.
  • iOS Operating System for iPhone, iPod, and iPad was also introduced.
  • SDK is designed to assist developers with creating mobile apps for iOS devices.
  • Objective-C was the original development language.
  • In 2014 Swift was released by Apple as the preferred programming language for iOS mobile development.

Purpose of Mobile Development

  • Permits developers to write apps for mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad.
  • Provides developers with a powerful, straightforward-to-use computer language.
  • Furnishes developers with Xcode, an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that expedites app development.

Sample Uses of iOS Apps

  • Business apps based on current web applications.
  • Navigation and MapKit.
  • Games.
  • And many other applications for business and personal use.

Swift Difficulty Level

  • High-level programming language.
  • Similar to Ruby, Python, and Objective-C.
  • Swift is human readable.
  • Swift procedural statements are similar to Python and Objective-C.
  • Other major companies like IBM are interested in Swift.

Learning Swift

  • Experienced programmers can get up to speed with the basic syntax.
  • Great language for object-oriented programming.
  • Comprehensive API documentation:
  • New learners should learn Swift 3.

Swift: The Good

  • Relatively straightforward to learn.
  • Recommended language for iOS development.
  • Excellent Swift API documentation.
  • Great Apple support.

Swift: The Bad

  • Currently Swift is a single-purpose language.
  • Object-oriented programming style in Swift can be challenging to learn.

Swift: The Future

  • Use of Swift continues to grow.
  • Preferred language for iOS mobile app development.
  • Swift's similarities to other popular languages will promote Swift development.
  • Xcode is upgraded regularly to improve the development experience.


  • Statements and optional semicolons.
  • Curly brackets denote scope.
  • Case sensitive.
  • By convention:
    1. Lowercase variables and method names.
    2. UpperCamelCase class names.

Declaring Variables

var foo = "Hello, world"
var fooBar : Double

Declaring Constants

let foo = "Hello, world"
let bar = 5
let fooBar : Float = 20.16


//Single-line comments follow 2 forward slashes

This is a 
multi-line comment.

Common Data Types: Strings and Characters

let a = "foo"

var b = "b"

Common Data Types: Integers and Floats

var year = 2017

let weight = 4.9

var stellarDistance : Double

Common Data Types: Booleans

var cool = true

let dead = false

Common Data Types: Arrays

var fruit = ["apple", "plum", "pear"]


if someThing or otherThing {
else if thisThing and thatThing {
else {


while i < 5 {    	print("Current value of i: \(i)")	i += 1}

for grade in grades {    print(grade)}


func say(_ word : String, n : Int){    	for _ in 1...n {       	print(word)	}}
say("Hello", n: 5) // say hello five times

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