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Why Webucator for Private Onsite CompTIA and OS Training?

When you schedule a training class for a group of employees, your biggest cost is your employees' time, and this cost is significant. Given this, it's very important that your employees learn what you want them to learn. At Webucator, we understand this. We know that we not only have to provide a great trainer to deliver your class, but we have to make sure this trainer fully understands the needs of your team.

This is why we always recommend a conference call with your trainer before your class. During the call we ask you about your employees and why they are taking the course, and we ask you to explain to us exactly what you want them to learn. As necessary, we customize the course to meet your needs. If you contract Webucator to deliver a CompTIA or OS class, it is our job to make sure the class goes great, and we take our job seriously. Check out our testimonials to read what our past customers have said and ask us for references, so you can talk to some of them yourself.

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Why Webucator for Public Live Online CompTIA and OS Training?

Webucator started delivering live online training in 2005, and since then we have delivered over 10,000 live online public classes. Unlike many training companies, our online classes are exclusively online, meaning that all students in our CompTIA and OS classes are taking the class over the web. This is much better for online students than a mixed class, in which some students are in the room with the trainer and others are online, because the trainer can focus equally on all students. Since the average class size in our public classes is two students (some classes are bigger, but sometimes our classes run with just one student), our students get a lot of attention from their trainers.

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Why Webucator for Private Live Online CompTIA and OS Training?

Webucator has delivered over 10,000 live online classes, so we know how to deliver online training. Part of delivering great online training is organizational - making sure our students set their computers up ahead of time, have their materials, know how to connect to their classroom, etc. And part of delivering great online training is working with trainers who like to deliver online training. Because we have delivered so many online classes, we have the organizational part down, and we know which trainers shine over the web. So, if you need a private live online CompTIA or OS class, Contact us!

What people say about our training

I hadn't taken training over the web before, but I will be recommending it to my colleagues. Worked well from the UK.
Antony Edwards
Amari Metals Ltd
Excellent instructor and good training materials. I will definitely take future classes offered by Webucator.
Bryan Chuc
Wharton County Junior College
Phenomenal instructor - I would recommend him to my colleagues.
Shawn Ramsey
Comptroller of the Currency
Exceptionally good training, and one of the most economical as well!
Andrew Woodard

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