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With tight pressure to cut costs and yet implement technology quickly, IT project managers are under severe pressure to complete projects on time, on budget, and at the promised quality. Yet industry figures consistently show that 90 percent of major IT project initiatives fail to be completed both on time and on budget. This course delves into the unique challenges of managing IT projects, and offers a roadmap to success.

  1. Learn to perform discovery and analysis to determine the true nature of the problem or opportunity, ascertain its relevance and feasibility, and identify associated risks.
  2. Learn to establish the high-level timetable and budget for the project.
  3. Learn to create the project planning documents, including Scope Statement, Project Charter, and Statement of Work.
  4. Learn to create the documents that lay the foundation for the project.
  5. Learn to conduct the management planning activities that result in the development of the project plan, used to control the execution process of the project.
  6. Learn to determine the ideal team composition, recruit, negotiate for, and assign team members.
  7. Learn to define a strategy for monitoring the project iteratively, calculate schedule and budget variances, manage the critical path, team, and vendor relationships, and monitor quality metrics.
  8. Learn to identify variances and outline corrective action, negotiate changes, and identify the proper course of action to avoid scope creep.
  9. Learn to execute the project transfer steps, including documentation, transfer process, sign-off, final project report, and a project team lessons-learned debriefing.
  1. Project Initiation: Discovery and Analysis
    1. Creating a Project Concept Definition
    2. Defining Business and Functional Requirements
    3. Define Technical Requirements
    4. Strategic and Operational Relevance
    5. Assessing Project Feasibility
    6. Perform Risk Assessment
  2. Project Initiation: Estimating
    1. Construct a Formal Estimate
    2. Create Time Estimates
    3. Create Cost Estimates
  3. Project Initiation: Framing the Project
    1. Managing Change
    2. Writing the Scope Statement
    3. Writing the Project Charter
    4. Writing a Statement of Work (SOW)
  4. Project Planning: Laying the Foundation
    1. Setting Expectations for the Planning Process
    2. Decomposing a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    3. Creating a Network Diagram
    4. Identify and Analyze the Critical Path
    5. Creating Project Schedules
    6. Creating Project Budgets
  5. Project Planning: Developing the Plan
    1. Develop Resource Management Plan
    2. Develop a Risk Management Plan
    3. Develop a Quality Management Plan
    4. Develop an Operational Transfer Plan
    5. Develop a Communication Plan
    6. Compile a Comprehensive Project Plan
  6. Project Planning: Building the Team
    1. Assemble the Project Team
    2. Building and Supporting the Team
    3. Developing the Team
  7. Project Execution: Monitoring and Managing
    1. Monitor the Project Iteratively
    2. Calculate Earned Value
    3. Execute Schedule Updates
    4. Execute Budget Updates
    5. Managing the Critical Path
    6. Managing the Project Team
    7. Managing Project Quality
    8. Managing Vendors
  8. Project Control: Managing Chaos
    1. Interpreting Control Techniques
    2. Mitigating Scope Creep
    3. Managing Variances
  9. Project Closure: Tying Up Loose Ends
    1. Managing Documentation
    2. Managing the Operational Transfer Plan
    3. Write Project Closure Report
    4. Obtain Final, Formal Sign-off
    5. Document Lessons Learned
    6. Managing Administrative Closure
Class Materials

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Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this CompTIA class:

  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • Working knowledge of MS Project
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