Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers (SATVs)

SATVs = Free Training

When organizations purchase Microsoft software via a volume licensing agreement, they often receive Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers, which can be used to purchase free training from Microsoft Certified Partners. Companies are frequently not aware that they have these vouchers and that their employees are eligible for free training.

Does My Company Have SATVs?

If your company purchases Software Assurance from Microsoft, then the answer is probably yes. The number of training days available to you depends on the quantity and type of Microsoft product licenses your company purchased. We can help you figure this out. Just send an email to us at

Do SATVs Expire?

Yes, SATVs expire 180 days after they are created. Training Vouchers must be requested before your Software Assurance expires and then actually used within 180 days of being requested. You do not need to specify which classes your employees will take when requesting the training. You do need to specify the employee's name and the number of days of training.

How Do I use my SATVs?

Your Software Assurance Benefits Administrator can assign vouchers to specific individuals at He or she will need the names of employees for whom they want to create vouchers and the length of the courses for which the employees will enroll.

Why Should I Redeem My SATVs With Webucator?

Because Webucator is a very easy training company to work with and we get very high ratings from our students. Also, we will help you figure out how to use your training vouchers to get free training.

What Classes can be Purchased with SATVS?

Webucator's private MOC courses (see the list below) can be purchased using Microsoft Software Assurance Training Vouchers. Webucator's public live online classes cannot be purchased with SATVs.

SATV Eligible Courses

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ASP.NET Courses

Azure Courses

Big Data Courses

C# Courses

Cloud Courses

CSS Courses

Database Courses

Dynamics Courses

HTML Courses

IIS Courses

Microsoft Courses

Microsoft 365 Courses

Microsoft Big Data Courses

Microsoft Business Intelligence Courses

Microsoft Excel Courses

Microsoft Exchange Courses

Microsoft Office Courses

Microsoft System Center Courses

MVC Courses

Power Business Intelligence Courses

PowerShell Courses

Programming Courses

SharePoint Courses

SharePoint End User Courses

SQL Server Courses

SSAS Courses

SSIS Courses

SSRS Courses

Teams Courses

Visual Studio Courses

Web Application Server Courses

Web Development Courses

Windows Courses

Windows Server Courses

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