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Looking for Excel 2007 training with a live instructor? Webucator's private Excel 2007 classes can be delivered at your office or online. Our public Excel 2007 classes run monthly.

Microsoft Excel 2007 is the first version of Microsoft Excel to include the ribbon, which makes it a lot easier to find specific commands and tools. Other new features include:

  • More columns and rows than earlier versions of Excel.
  • Themes and styles which can be shared with other Office programs.
  • Improved conditional formatting.
  • Improvements that make it easier to write formulas.
  • Better sorting and filtering.
  • New and improved features for working with tables.
  • Easier to use PivotTables.
  • Improved features for working with charts.
  • Much more!

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What people say about our training

Training once again was great !! Webucator and Trainer did not let me down.
Janet Kimson
This was a great course. I would highly recommend it to anyone who (like me) comes from a C/C++ background and wants to get up to speed in Java.
Greg Thompson
CBC Companies
The instructor was excellent. He was well spoken, thorough, and down to earth, so to speak. Very easy to understand. I love that the class was accessible from home, and in a comfortable environment. I enjoyed being able to speak to the instructor, as well as hear other people with the same interests and concerns.
This class was very helpful. I learned a lot, and now I feel more confident in my writing.
Nicholas Schuessler
Wells Fargo

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