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This Visual Basic 6.0 training course is designed for developers with some understanding of basic programming concepts from a previous programming background who are moving to a legacy Visual Basic 6 or earlier project. You'll learn Visual Basic syntax, event-driven programming, and how to compile an application with the native code compiler. You'll learn the VBA language, learn to handle run-time errors, learn about debugging, work with forms and controls, add simple database support to your applications, and much more.

Visual Basic 6.0 is no longer supported by Microsoft. If you are looking for training in a newer version, please see our MOC 10550 - Programming in Visual Basic with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 training class.

  1. Learn components of a Visual Basic application.
  2. Use ActiveX controls.
  3. Distinguish between event-driven vs. procedural programming.
  4. Create forms and menus.
  5. Manipulate form and control properties.
  6. Compile an application with the native code compiler.
  7. Master Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) control structures.
  8. Handle run-time errors.
  9. Add database support to your application
  1. Your First Visual Basic Program
    1. Welcome to Visual Basic!
    2. A Simple Project
    3. Using the Application Wizard
  2. Adding Controls to Forms
    1. Visual Basic Controls
    2. Creating and Manipulating New Controls
    3. Changing Design Time Control Properties
    4. Visual Basic Built-in Controls
    5. Control Design Tips
  3. Understanding Events
    1. Introducing Events
    2. Event Procedures
    3. The Form Load Event
    4. The Form Resize Event
    5. Command Button Click Event
    6. Text Box Change Event
    7. The Timer Control's Timer Event
    8. GotFocus/LostFocus Events
  4. Working with Forms and Controls
    1. Setting Properties at Run Time
    2. Setting Form Properties
    3. Setting Control Properties
    4. Using ActiveX Controls
    5. Adding ActiveX Controls to a Project
    6. Using the MonthView ActiveX Control
  5. Creating and Using Menus
    1. Menus in Visual Basic
    2. Using the Menu Editor
    3. Working with Menus
    4. Manipulating Menus at Run Time
  6. Compiling and Distributing Applications
    1. Finishing Touches
    2. Project Properties
    3. Native Code vs p-code
    4. Creating Your Executable
    5. Using the Package and Deployment Wizard
  7. Working with VBA
    1. Creating a Simple Procedure
    2. Variables and Parameters
    3. Data Types
    4. Using Constants
    5. Investigating Built-In Functions
    6. Branching Structures
    7. Looping Structures
  8. Handling Errors
    1. Handling Syntax Errors
    2. Handling Run-Time Errors
    3. The Error Handling Standard
    4. Taking a Closer Look Who Handles Errors?
  9. Debugging Applications
    1. Handling Logic Errors
    2. Watch Expressions
    3. The Call Stack
    4. The Debugging Process
  10. More VBA Issues
    1. Scope, Lifetime, and Precedence
    2. Passing by Value and by Reference
    3. Arrays
    4. Optional Arguments
  11. More Form and Control Issues
    1. Using Multiple Forms
    2. List Boxes Revisited
    3. Control Arrays
  12. Adding Simple Database Support
    1. Support for Data Access in Visual Basic 6.0
    2. Using the ADO Data Control
    3. Binding Controls to Data
    4. Writing Code for the Data Control
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

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Experience in the following is required for this Visual Basic class:

  • Basic Programming Experience
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