Upgrading Your Development Skills to SharePoint 2013

This SharePoint 2013 training will teach you all the new development changes that were made to SharePoint 2013 including .NET 4.0, Visual Studio 2012, Mobility, Workflow 4.0, OData, OAuth, Claims Authentication, SharePoint AppStore and the new Service Applications (Machine Translation and PowerPoint Automation).


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Course Topics
  1. Learn about Object Model changes, Mobility Features, OData, OAuth and Translation Services.
  2. Learn to work with Visual Studio 2012 SharePoint Templates and build SharePoint 2013 AppStore Apps.
  1. SharePoint 2013 UI and ASP.NET 4.0
    1. Explore 2013 UI Changes
    2. ASP.NET 4.0
    3. Managed Navigation
    4. Cross Site Publishing
    5. Image Renditions
    6. Embedded Code
  2. SharePoint 2013 and Visual Studio 2012
    1. Explore Visual Studio 2012
    2. Explore SharePoint Project Templates
    3. Explore Server Explorer
    4. Packaging and Deployment Tools
  3. Object Model Changes
    1. Explore new Assemblies, Namespaces, Classes
    2. Using .NET Reflector with SharePoint
    3. Enable & Explore Upgraded Developer Dashboard
    4. Learn to use the new eDiscovery APIs
    5. Create Discovery Center
    6. Create a Case
    7. Create Discovery Sets
    8. Create Queries
    9. Learn to use the new SharePoint Education APIs
    10. Setup and Configure SharePoint Education Web Application
    11. Create a SharePoint Education Course Site
    12. Create and Assign Assignments
    13. Create Quizzes
  4. SharePoint REST
    1. Utilize Old REST Services
    2. Explore REST Service References
    3. Utilize New REST Services
    4. REST List Service Calls (PUT, GET, MERGE)
    5. REST UserProfile Service
    6. REST Social Service
    7. REST Search Service
    8. REST Excel Service
  5. Client Object Model
    1. Explore Client Object Model
    2. Utilize Client Object Model (.NET)
    3. UserProfiles\Social CSOM
    4. Taxonomy CSOM
    5. Publishing CSOM
    6. Working with Remote Event Receivers
    7. Explore JavaScript Object Model
    8. Working with Workflows
    9. Programming Minimal Download Strategy (MDS)
  6. Mobility
    1. Explore Built-In Mobility Features
    2. Mobility (Android)
    3. Mobility (Blackberry)
    4. Creating Mobile Panels
    5. Adding a GeoLocation Field
    6. Configuring Bing Maps
    7. Install SharePoint Windows Phone SDK
    8. Building Mobile Location Applications
    9. Use SharePoint Windows Phone Templates
    10. Develop Apps using Push Notifications (MPNS)
    11. Configure Push Notifications (SMS)
  7. Workflow 4.0
    1. Create a custom workflow using SharePoint Designer 2013
    2. Configure Windows Azure Workflows
    3. Work with Stages
    4. Work with Loops
    5. Utilize new SharePoint activities
    6. Create a workflow using Visio 2013
    7. Create a custom workflow using Visual Studio
  8. SharePoint Apps
    1. Configuring App for SharePoint Hosting
    2. Creating an App for SharePoint (SharePoint hosted)
    3. Deploying App For SharePoint (Site-Based)
    4. Deploying App For SharePoint (App Catalog-Based)
    5. Requesting Apps for SharePoint From SharePoint AppStore
    6. Creating a Seller Dashboard account
    7. Create and Publish AppStore SharePoint App
    8. Create SharePoint Online Account
    9. Create and Deploy Auto-hosted (Azure) SharePoint App
  9. OAuth, S2S and Claims
    1. Programming with SharePoint 2013 High Trust Apps
    2. Working with Application Permissions
    3. Programming with SharePoint 2013 OAuth 2.0
    4. Claims to Windows Identity Service
    5. Building a Claims Web Part
    6. Integrating ADFS 2.0 and SharePoint 2013
  10. Programming 2013 Service Applications
    1. Programming Translation Services (Server Object Model)
    2. Programming Translation Services (Client Object Model)
    3. Programming Translation Services (REST)
    4. Integrating Office Web Apps with Translation Services
    5. Programming PowerPoint Automation Services
    6. Convert PPT to PPTS
    7. Convert PPT to PDF
    8. Install Office XML SDK 2.0
    9. Programming Word Automation Services
    10. Updating Table of Contents
    11. Converting to PDF
    12. Merging Word Documents
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this SharePoint class:

  • .NET Object Oriented programming.
  • An understanding of basic development tasks in SharePoint.

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Before this course I felt like I THOUGHT I was practicing Scrum. After I participated in this class, I now feel like I have the necessary tools and knowledge to be a better Scrum Master.
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Great investment!
Annie Stetz
SMART Technologies
I really enjoyed the whole class and interactions with this instructor. It allowed me a comprehensive understanding of this new application. I will recommend this training to anybody interested in getting a better understanding of InfoPath and its features.
Jose Luque
I would definitely recommend this class. Hands down.
Dwayne Flores
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