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This Upgrading to Outlook 2010 course introduces new users to the Outlook 2010 interface including The Ribbon and the Backstage View. Students will also learn where to find many popular features in the new version. Other important changes and features are covered including the Calendar Ribbon, Conversation View, and Quick Steps mode.

  1. Learn the basics of getting started with Outlook 2010
  2. Learn about the Conversation View.
  3. Explore the Ribbon and the Home tab.
  4. Learn about the Outlook Social Connector.
  5. Become familiar with Backstage View.
  6. Learning about displaying KeyTips.
  7. Learn to use Quick Steps.
  8. Learn to use the Screenshot Tool.
  1. Getting Started in Outlook 2010
    1. Working with Messages
    2. Creating a Message
    3. Sending a Message
    4. Reading and Replying to a Message
    5. Conversation View
    6. Overview
    7. View and Work with Messages in a Conversation
    8. Ignore Conversations
    9. Cleaning Up Conversations
    10. The Quick Access Toolbar
    11. Overview
    12. Add Commands to the Quick Access Toolbar
    13. Adding More Commands with the Customize Dialog Box
    14. Adding Ribbon Commands or Groups
    15. Placement
  2. The Ribbon
    1. Exploring the Ribbon
    2. Overview
    3. Tabs
    4. Groups
    5. Commands
    6. On-demand Tools on the Ribbon
    7. View Options
    8. Outlook Social Connector
  3. The Backstage View (The File Menu)
    1. Introduction to the Backstage View
    2. Printing Emails and Other Outlook Items
    3. Getting Help
  4. Other Important Changes and Features in Outlook 2010
    1. Keyboard Shortcuts
    2. The Calendar Ribbon
    3. Searching in Outlook 2010
    4. The Screenshot Tool
    5. Quick Steps
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