SharePoint Designer 2010 Training

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In this SharePoint Designer 2010 training class you will learn to enhance and manage a SharePoint 2010 site using SharePoint Designer 2010. Attendees will also master how to add data sources, configure Business Connectivity Services, and create workflows and applications to enhance their team's productivity.


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  1. Learn to create reusable templates for making web design faster and more consistent.
  2. Learn to work with Master Pages.
  3. Learn to format text using CSS.
  4. Learn to insert images and hyperlinks.
  5. Learn to add data sources including databases, XML data and Web services, and RSS feeds.
  6. Learn to configure and manage Business Connectivity Services.
  7. Learn to create workflows and applications with custom forms, templates, and dashboards.
  8. Learn to include interactive and collaborative features with Web parts and controls.
  9. Learn to manage their sites and accessibility using SharePoint Designer's site management features.
  1. Exploring SharePoint Designer 2010
    1. Understanding SharePoint Designer 2010
    2. Using SharePoint Designer to Carry Out Common Tasks
    3. Understanding What's New in SharePoint Designer 2010
    4. Creating Sites with SharePoint Designer
    5. Exploring the SharePoint Designer Shell
    6. Using SharePoint Designer to Explore a Web Page
    7. Using Task Panes
    8. Controlling the Use of SharePoint Designer
  2. Working with SharePoint Sites
    1. Changing the Title, Description, and Theme of a Site
    2. Managing Site Users and Permissions
    3. Creating a Site Hierarchy
    4. Deleting a SharePoint Site
    5. Resetting a Site Template
    6. Exploring a SharePoint Site
    7. Navigating a Site's Components
    8. Saving and Using a Site Template
  3. Working with Lists and Libraries
    1. Creating Lists and Libraries
    2. Creating an Issue Tracking List
    3. Importing Data into SharePoint
    4. Working with List Columns
    5. Using Calculated Columns
    6. Using Column Validation
    7. Creating an XSLT List View Web Part
    8. Customizing an XSLT List View Web Part
    9. Securing a List or a Library
    10. Adding Custom Actions
    11. Creating Server Ribbon Custom Actions
    12. Creating Site Columns
    13. Using Site Columns
    14. Creating Content Types
    15. Adding a Site Column to a Content Type
    16. Adding a Document Template to a Content Type
    17. Associating Content Types with Lists and Libraries
    18. Deleting SharePoint Objects
  4. Creating and Modifying Web Pages
    1. Inserting Text, ScreenTips, Hyperlinks, and Images
    2. Working with Web Parts
    3. Changing the Home Page for a Web Site
    4. Modifying a List View Page
    5. Creating List View Pages
    6. Creating and Modifying a List Form Page
    7. Creating an ASP.NET Page
    8. Inserting a Web Part Zone
    9. Attaching a Master Page
    10. Managing Web Pages
  5. Working with Data Views
    1. Creating a Data View
    2. Customizing Data Views
    3. Inline Editing
    4. Applying Conditional Formatting
    5. Showing and Hiding Content
    6. Using XSLT
    7. Using Formula Columns
    8. Working with XPath Expressions
    9. Deploying Web Parts
  6. Working with Data Sources
    1. Using Data Sources
    2. Working with XML Data
    3. Connecting to an RSS Feed XML File
    4. Connecting to an RSS Feed Server-Side Script
    5. Connecting to SOAP Services
    6. Connecting to REST Services
    7. Connecting to a Database
    8. Using Linked Sources
    9. Connecting Web Parts
  7. Using Business Connectivity Services
    1. What Is Business Connectivity Services?
    2. Creating Database External Data Sources
    3. Creating External Content Types
    4. Creating Office Application External Content Types
    5. Creating and Managing External Lists
    6. Working with Office Application External Content Types
    7. Exporting and Using the BDC Model
    8. Creating a Profile Page
    9. Using Associations
    10. Managing External Content Types
  8. Understanding Workflows
    1. Working with Workflows
    2. Creating Workflows with SharePoint Designer
    3. Using Actions and Conditions
    4. Modifying a Workflow
    5. Deploying Workflows
    6. Creating a Multistep Workflow
    7. Creating a Site Workflow
    8. Using Visio to Map a Workflow
    9. Importing a Workflow from Visio
    10. Exporting a Workflow to a Visio Drawing
    11. Removing and Deleting Workflows
  9. Using Reusable Workflows and Workflow Forms
    1. Creating and Using Reusable Workflows
    2. Creating Association Columns
    3. Using Workflow Templates
    4. Reusing Globally Reusable Workflows
    5. Creating Globally Reusable Workflows
    6. Creating Initiation and Association Forms
    7. Retrieving Values from Initiation Forms
    8. Modifying an InfoPath Form
    9. Publishing an InfoPath Form
    10. Modifying Initiation Form Parameters
    11. Modifying an Association Form
    12. Adding Association Fields to Initiation Forms
    13. Modifying Task Forms
  10. Branding SharePoint Sites
    1. Setting the CSS and Color Coding Page Editor Options
    2. Identifying Styles in Cascading Style Sheets
    3. Identifying Styles on Content Pages
    4. Creating and Attaching CSS Files
    5. Creating a Functioning HTML Page
    6. Creating Styles
    7. Modifying and Deleting Styles
    8. Using the Style Application Group Commands
    9. Understanding SharePoint's CSS Inheritance
    10. Using IntelliSense to add CSS
    11. Using CSS Reports
  11. Working with Master Pages
    1. Understanding Master Pages
    2. Default Master Pages
    3. Controls Used on the Master Page
    4. Copying and Saving a Master Page
    5. Customizing a Master Page
    6. Changing the Default Master Page
    7. Managing Content Placeholders
    8. Creating a Web Page from a Master Page
    9. Exporting Master Pages
    10. Resetting a Master Page to the Site Definition
  12. Understanding Usability and Accessibility
    1. Implementing a User-Centered Design Methodology
    2. Establishing User and Compatibility Requirements
    3. Designing a Prototype
    4. Defining Accessible Branding
    5. Testing for Usability
    6. Understanding Accessibility Legislation and Testing
    7. Maintaining Legislation Compliance
  13. Managing Web Content in the SharePoint Server Environment
    1. Creating a Publishing Site
    2. Understanding Web Content Management in SharePoint Server 2010
    3. Understanding the Page Model
    4. Creating a Page Layout
    5. Modifying a Page Layout
    6. Allowing Users to Rate Web Content
    7. Approving a Page Layout
    8. Restoring an Earlier Version of a Page Layout
    9. Detaching and Reattaching a Page Layout
  14. Using Controls in Web Pages
    1. Working with the Ribbon and Tag Properties Task Pane
    2. Using a Standard ASP.NET Server Control
    3. Validating User Data Entry
    4. Using ASP.NET Validation Controls
    5. Using SharePoint Data View Controls
    6. Testing an ASP.NET Form
    7. Using SharePoint Server Controls
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this SharePoint class:

  • SharePoint 2010 End User experience
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Antonio Dowsey
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Asel Villalva
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Great class! Instructor was very easy to follow!
Susan Crement
John B Sanfilippo & Son
I was a SharePoint novice, but this class really opened my eyes to the possibilities of Designer.
Jane Roegner
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

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