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In this SharePoint training class, students will learn how to fully use 2007 Microsoft Office system applications in your SharePoint 2007 environment. The SharePoint end user course will be walk you through all of the basic features of Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) sites with many hands-on activities.

This SharePoint 2007 course is designed for individuals who access information on WSS and MOSS sites. This includes managers, developers, designers, and every day knowledge workers - anyone that uses SharePoint sites and lists on an everyday basis. Other ideal students include anyone in a finance, operations, sales, or human resources area who uses SharePoint 2007 as part of their job.

  1. Learn to work with all the SharePoint out of the box sites.
  2. Learn to use the built in list types.
  3. Learn to manage permissions on sites, lists and items.
  4. Explore Office 2007 integration points.
  5. Learn basic site administration and customization.
  1. Basic Team Site
    1. Login/Logout
    2. Quick Launch
    3. All Site Content
    4. The Create Page
    5. People and Groups
    6. Recycle Bin
  2. Lists
    1. Create a Document Library
    2. Create Document/Folder
    3. JavaScript Dropdowns
    4. Uploading Documents
    5. Explorer View/My Network Places
    6. Create a Form library
    7. Create an InfoPath Form
    8. Publish a Form
    9. Create Wiki Page Library
    10. Add Wiki Pages
    11. Editing Wiki Pages
    12. History
    13. Create a Picture Library
    14. Upload Pictures
    15. Picture Views (Thumbnail, Slideshow, Details)
    16. Referencing Pictures
    17. Create A Report Library
    18. Create A Report
    19. Upload A Report
    20. Run A Report
    21. Report History
    22. Create A Data Connection Library
    23. Create/Upload an Office Data Connection (ODC)
    24. Create/Upload an Universal Data Connection (UDC)
    25. Create a Translation Management Library
    26. Translator Workflow/Tasks
    27. Create a Slide Library
    28. Uploading Slides
    29. Publish Slides
    30. Create a Survey
    31. Create Questions
    32. Change question ordering
    33. Branching Logic
    34. Fill out the survey
    35. Anonymous Surveys?
    36. Create A Custom List
    37. Add One Of Each Column Type
    38. Create An Announcement List
    39. Create A Contact List
    40. Create A Discussion Board
    41. Create A Links List
    42. Create A Calendar
    43. Create A Project Tasks
    44. Create A KPI
    45. Create An Issue Tracking List
    46. Creating Views (Standard, Calendar, DataSheet, Gantt)
    47. Adding/Ordering Columns
    48. Sorting Data
    49. Filtering Data
    50. Grouping Data
    51. Totaling Data
    52. Setting Style
    53. Item Limits
    54. Mobile
    55. Enabling View
  3. List Management
    1. RSS Feeds
    2. Check out/Check In
    3. Document/Item Properties
    4. Site Columns
    5. Content Types
    6. Document Information Panel
    7. Versioning/Version History
    8. Content Approval
    9. Email Enable A List
    10. Send an email to A List
    11. Create a List Alert
    12. Create an Item Alert
    13. Use Alerts
  4. Permissions
    1. Learn to Add Users
    2. Requests for Access
    3. Understand SharePoint Default Groups
    4. Understand Security Trimmed Interface
    5. Create New Groups
    6. Create Custom Permission Level
    7. Explore Site/List/Item Permission Inheritance
  5. WSS Site Definitions
    1. Create Sub Sites (Team Site)
    2. Create/Use a Blog Site
    3. Create/Use a Wiki Site
    4. Create A Document Workspace
    5. Create A Meeting Workspace
    6. Delete A Site
  6. MOSS Site Definitions
    1. Use the Intranet Publishing Portal
    2. Use the Internet Publishing Portal
    3. Use the Records Center
    4. Use the Document Center
    5. Use the Search Center
    6. Use the Site Directory
    7. Use the Report Center
  7. Office Integration
    1. Offline Document Libraries
    2. Manipulating Calendars (two-way update, roll-up view)
    3. Manipulating Tasks
    4. Manipulating Contacts
    5. Excel Data Reporting
    6. Access Data Reporting
    7. One Note
  8. Workflows
    1. Create/Use Approval WF
    2. Create/Use Collect Feedback WF
    3. Create/Use Collect Signatures WF
    4. Create/Use Disposition WF
    5. Create/Use Three-state WF
    6. Use one of each Built-In Activity
  9. My Site
    1. Create your my Site
    2. Your Profile
    3. Colleagues
    4. Colleagues - Tracking Changes
    5. Explore Memberships
    6. Explore In Common With
    7. Documents
    8. Configuring My Calendar Web Part
    9. RSS Viewer
    10. Personal vs Shared Views
    11. My Links
  10. Basic Site Administration
    1. Site Name, Description, Icon
    2. Site Administrators
    3. Tree View
    4. Navigation (Top Link, Quick Launch)
    5. Site/List templates
    6. Regional Settings
    7. Site usage
    8. Information Management Policies
    9. User Alerts
    10. RSS Settings
    11. Search Visibility
    12. Site / Site Collection Features
    13. Site Directory Settings
  11. Site Customization
    1. Shared vs Personal View
    2. Create a Web/Web Part Page
    3. Add/Move/Configure Web Parts
    4. Restore a Closed Web Part
    5. Add a Page View Web Part
    6. Add a Content Editor Web Part
    7. Create a Master Page
    8. Modify a Master Page
    9. Custom CSS
    10. Apply custom Theme
    11. Create a new Page Layout
    12. Create a new Page using a Page Layout
    13. Content Query Web Part
    14. Table Of Contents Web Part
    15. Audience Targeting
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this SharePoint class:

  • Windows 2003, Microsoft Office, and related Microsoft Technologies
  • Experience accessing information via a web browser
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Even though this was a distance learning class, it felt very much like we were right in class.

Timothy Bell, Perry's Ice Cream
Akron NY

Trained to Last!

LCDR Brinston (Edward) Brinston, Naval Hospital Lemoore
Lemoore CA

The instructor presented the material in a way that made it much less dry than I had anticipated.

Kris Munro, Society of Hospital Medicine
Philadelphia PA

It never ceases to amaze me how great these courses are. They are relevant, the instructors are knowledgeable and helpful.

Shane Walker, Peterson AFB
Colorado Springs CO

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