Quick Powerful Graphics with Power View, PowerPivot, Power Query, Power Map, and Power BI

This Quick Powerful Graphics with Power View, PowerPivot, Power Query, Power Map, and Power BI training class is designed to teach the participant how to combine the functionality of Power View, PowerPivot, Power Query, and Power BI into graphs, charts, KPIs, reports, and other visualizations for use in their business. This course is lab example intensive.

The course is targeted toward business analysts, business intelligence developers, and reporting professionals.

  1. Navigate the Power View interface.
  2. Utilize Power View reports.
  3. Work with tables.
  4. Understand aggregations.
  5. Utilize matrix.
  6. Configure drill through.
  7. Use cards as a visualization.
  8. Apply filters.
  9. Create charts.
  10. Utilize tiles.
  11. Add slicers to reports.
  12. Utilize themes.
  13. Navigate the PowerPivot interface.
  14. Load data.
  15. Examine and configure relationships.
  16. Configure calculated columns are calculated fields.
  17. Create PivotTables.
  18. Understand and utilize DAX.
  19. Use KPIs.
  20. Work with hierarchies.
  21. Manage perspectives.
  22. Navigate the Power Query interface.
  23. Load data.
  24. Filter data.
  25. Merge datasets.
  26. Manage modifications.
  27. Perform data cleaning.
  28. Navigate the Power Map interface.
  29. Use Bing maps.
  30. Examine map data.
  31. Configure tours, scenes, and layers.
  32. Add time to a presentation.
  33. Navigate the Power BI interface.
  34. Utilize data sources.
  35. Understand querying with natural language.
  1. Course Overview
    1. Introduction
    2. Course Materials
    3. Facilities
    4. Prerequisites
    5. What We'll Be Discussing
    6. Lab 1: Course Overview
    7. None
  2. Power View
    1. Exploring the Power View Interface
    2. Visualizing Power View Reports
    3. Working with Tables
    4. Understanding Aggregations
    5. Utilizing Matrix
    6. Configuring Drill Through
    7. Using Cards
    8. Applying Filters
    9. Creating Charts
    10. Examining Tiles
    11. Adding Slicers to Reports
    12. Theming Reports
    13. Lab 1: The Business Intelligence Stack
    14. Power View Interface
    15. Working with Tables
    16. Aggregations
    17. Matrix
    18. Drill Through
    19. Cards
    20. Filters
    21. Charts
    22. Tiles
    23. Adding Slicers to Reports
  3. PowerPivot
    1. Exploring the PowerPivot Interface
    2. Loading Data
    3. Examining Relationships
    4. Configuring Calculated Columns and Calculated Fields
    5. Creating PivotTables
    6. Understanding DAX
    7. Utilizing DAX Functions
    8. Using KPIs
    9. Working with Hierarchies
    10. Managing Perspectives
    11. Lab 1: PowerPivot
    12. Introduction to the PowerPivot Interface
    13. Importing Data
    14. Importing Large Datasets
    15. Importing Data with a Query
    16. Creating Relationships
    17. Creating a Cascading Relationship
    18. Hiding Columns, Change Data Type, Sorting, and Filtering
    19. Calculated Columns and Calculated Fields
    20. KPIs
    21. Hierarchies
    22. Perspectives
  4. Power Query
    1. Exploring The Power Query Interface
    2. Loading Data
    3. Managing Modifications
    4. Examining Data Cleaning
    5. Lab 1: Power Query
    6. Getting External Data
    7. Data Filtering
    8. Merging Datasets
  5. Power Map
    1. Exploring The Power Map Interface
    2. Using Bing Maps
    3. Examining Map Data
    4. Reviewing Map Types and Presentation
    5. Lab 1: Power Map
    6. View Power Map in Action
    7. Geocoding
    8. Tours, Scenes, and Layers
    9. Adding Time
  6. Introduction to Power BI
    1. Introducing Power BI
    2. Explaining Excel and Power BI
    3. Examining Data Sources
    4. Querying with Natural Language
    5. Lab 1: Introduction to Power BI
    6. Introduction to Power BI
    7. Data Sources
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Power Business Intelligence class:

  • Working knowledge of Excel

Training for your Team

Length: 2 Days
  • Private Class for your Team
  • Online or On-location
  • Customizable
  • Expert Instructors

What people say about our training

I'd always felt intimidated by Photoshop, but the introductory course gave me the confidence I need to edit and produce images that will significantly improve the quality of my work.
Carole Manny
Food and Drug Administration
I was surprised by how fast the one day course went by. It was very easy to digest the information and apply immediately to my own work.
Selena Stitzer
This course exceeded my expectations by far. I will definitely be recommending this course to all my colleagues and friends!
Erin Bowers
LQ Management LLC
It was very hands on and my instructor was great with our questions and concerns!! She would go out of her way to make sure I understood everything!
Celia Hoyer

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