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In this OneNote training class, you will learn to use Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 to create different kinds of notes. You will also learn to organize, locate, and share information using OneNote 2007.

  1. Explore the Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 user interface and create a simple notebook.
  2. Learn to create notes using Microsoft Office OneNote 2007.
  3. Learn to use templates, organize content, and search for information with Microsoft Office OneNote 2007.
  4. Learn to integrate Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 with other applications.
  5. Learn to use Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 to share your notes with other people.
  1. Getting Started with OneNote 2007
    1. Explore the OneNote Interface
    2. Create a Notebook
    3. Obtain Help
    4. Customize the Interface
  2. Creating Notes
    1. Enter Notes
    2. Format Notes
    3. Draw Shapes
    4. Embed Content
    5. Save Notes
    6. Create a Side Note
  3. Working with OneNote Content
    1. Create Template-Based Notes
    2. Organize Notes
    3. Add Tags
    4. Search Notes
    5. Print Notes
  4. Integrating OneNote with Other Applications
    1. Use OneNote with Outlook
    2. Use OneNote with Excel and PowerPoint
    3. Publish Note Pages as a Web Page
  5. Sharing Notes
    1. Share Notebooks on a Network Location
    2. Take Notes Simultaneously
    3. Share Notes Using SharePoint
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