MS-301 - Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid Bootcamp

MS-301 - Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid Bootcamp

Course Length:
Delivery Methods: Available for private class only
Course Topics
  • Learn to describe the MinRole feature in SharePoint 2019.
  • Learn to describe how to install and configure SharePoint 2019.
  • Learn to describe how to implement high availability for SharePoint .
  • Learn to describe the authentication infrastructure in SharePoint 2019.
  • Learn to explain the concepts behind federated identity.
  • Learn to describe how to create site collections.
  • Learn to describe how to plan for authorization in SharePoint 2019.
  • Learn to provision a BDC Service Application instance.
  • Learn to configure the Secure Store Service application.
  • Learn how to configure My Sites in SharePoint 2019.
  • Learn how to configure the User Profile Service Application.
  • Learn how to plan SharePoint Active Directory import and synchronization.
  • Learn how to create and publish a content type across site collections.
  • Learn to identify the capabilities of the managed metadata service.
  • Learn to configure term sets and terms for managed navigation.
  • Learn to describe the function of search components.
  • Learn to explain how to plan and configure a search topology.
  • Learn to describe how to configure search center.
  • Describe the available SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios.
  • Describe the requirements for SharePoint hybrid configuration.
  • Learn to plan for SharePoint Server hybrid.
  • Learn to configure SharePoint hybrid scenarios.
  • Learn to configure on-premises data gateway.
  • Describe difference between cloud hybrid search and hybrid federated search.
  • Learn to evaluate different types of hybrid search.
  • Learn to configure cloud hybrid search.
  • Learn to configure hybrid search results.
  • Learn to plan for content migration process.
  • Learn to describe available resources and tools to leverage during migration process.
  • Learn to access data to be migrated using SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool (SMAT).
  • Learn to migrate content to the cloud using SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT).
  • Learn to manage and monitor migration process.
Course Overview

This Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid Bootcamp prepares students for the MS-301: Deploying SharePoint Server Hybrid exam. Students will learn to configure and manage SharePoint On-Premises and hybrid scenarios and to migrate to SharePoint Online.

  • This bootcamp course is made up of the following courses:
    1. MS-301T01 - Implementing SharePoint 2019 Infrastructure
    2. MS-301T02 - Implementing SharePoint 2019 Service Applications
    3. MS-301T03 - Implementing SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
    4. MS-301T04 - Migrating to SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Certified Partner

    Webucator is a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS). This class uses official Microsoft courseware and will be delivered by a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

    Course Outline
    1. SharePoint Infrastructure
      1. Plan a SharePoint Farm
      2. SharePoint 2019
      3. Install and Manage SharePoint Farm
    2. SharePoint Authentication and Security
      1. Plan Authentication
      2. Configure Federated Authentication
    3. SharePoint Content Management
      1. SharePoint Content Structure Overview
      2. Manage Access to Content
      3. Manage Site Collections
    4. Course Conclusion
      1. Lab: Creating and configuring web applications
    5. SharePoint Service Applications
      1. SharePoint Service Applications and workflow
      2. Plan and Configure Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and Secure Store
      3. Plan and Configure User Profiles
    6. Plan and Configure Managed Metadata
      1. Manage Content Types
      2. Managed Metadata
      3. Configure the Managed Metadata Service
    7. Plan and Configure Search
      1. Plan enterprise search
      2. Configure enterprise search
      3. Manage enterprise search
    8. Course Conclusion
      1. Lab: Configuring Enterprise Search
    9. Overview of SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
      1. Overview of SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
      2. Plan SharePoint Server hybrid
    10. Implement SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
      1. Implement SharePoint Hybrid Scenarios
      2. Configure on-premises data gateway
    11. Implement SharePoint Hybrid search
      1. Overview of SharePoint hybrid search
      2. Configure SharePoint Hybrid search
    12. Course Conclusion
      1. Lab: Configuring SharePoint Hybrid
    13. Introduction of Migration
      1. Migration Overview
      2. Leveraging FastTrack and Partner Services
    14. Migrating to SharePoint Online
      1. Prepare for Migration
      2. Migrate Content to the Cloud
      3. Manage and Monitor Migration Process
    15. Course Conclusion
      1. Lab: Migrating Files to SharePoint Online
    Class Materials

    Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

    Class Prerequisites

    Experience in the following is required for this Microsoft 365 class:

    • Experience with Windows PowerShell.
    • Basic understanding of SQL Server management.
    • Basic understanding of networking, including DNS.
    • Working knowledge of windows server administration.
    • Basic understanding of Active Directory and Azure AD.
    • Basic understanding of mobile device management, and alternative operating systems (Android and macOS).
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