MOC 80573 - Payables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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This Payables Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 training class examines the accounting cycle and the processes required to enter vendor invoices and process checks. This course also shows you how to perform additional functions such as adjustments, prepayments, month-end closing, and cash flow control.

A thorough understanding of these topics allows for capitalizing on vendor discount dates to reduce accounts payable liabilities and easily select the right vouchers for payment by date, vendor, number, or custom query to control cash outlay. This course also provides guidance on how to define default values that automatically populate data fields and how to gather the information needed to make better business decisions by exploring powerful inquiry and lookup functions.

This course is intended for students wanting to learn the basic features and to develop a working knowledge of the typical day-to-day procedures required to effectively use Microsoft Dynamics GP Payables Management. The class is targeted toward data entry clerks, administrators, office managers, CEOs, and consultants who need to understand the technical aspects of Payables Management and gain foundational knowledge of the application functionality.

  1. Learn to set up Payables Management and identify the customizable options available in the setup windows.
  2. Learn to perform all Payables Management related data entry functions including vendor invoicing, check processing, recurring vouchers, and manual checks.
  3. Learn to select documents for payment and make appropriate adjustments to payment amounts prior to check processing.
  4. Learn to correct input errors using the Edit Transaction Information window.
  5. Learn to perform maintenance on Payables Management documents and other records such as vendors and recurring invoices.
  6. Learn to understand the steps and requirements to void checks and invoices.
  7. Learn to use inquiries or print reports to verify data and perform financial analysis for audit trail purposes.
  8. Learn to identify the impact of Payables Management on other areas of Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  1. Overview and Setup Procedures
    1. Features and Benefits
    2. Payables Management Setup
    3. Payables Setup Options
    4. Vendor Class Maintenance
    5. Vendor Class Accounts Setup
    6. Vendor Maintenance
    7. Vendor Maintenance Options
    8. Vendor Address Maintenance
    9. Vendor Account Maintenance
    10. Beginning Balances
    11. Vendor History
    12. Lab: Payables Management Setup
    13. Lab: Setting up a New Vendor Class
    14. Lab: Setting up a New Vendor
  2. Daily Procedures
    1. Batch Entry
    2. Payables Transaction Entry
    3. Scheduled Payments Entry
    4. Post Scheduled Payments
    5. Lab: Enter an Invoice
    6. Lab: Enter and Pay an Invoice
    7. Lab: Enter a Credit Memo
    8. Lab: Payables Scheduled Payments
  3. Entering Payments
    1. Payables Manual Payment Entry
    2. Computer Checks - Select Checks
    3. Edit Payables Checks
    4. Edit Payables Check Batches
    5. Print and Post Checks
    6. Apply Payables Documents
    7. Batch Recovery
    8. Lab: Manual Payments, Credit Card
    9. Lab: Manual Payments, Enter a Prepayment
    10. Lab: Select Checks
    11. Lab: Edit Payables Checks; Adding a Payment
    12. Lab: Edit Payables Checks; Removing a Vendor/Voucher
    13. Lab: Printing and Posting Checks
    14. Lab: Applying Payables Documents
  4. Intercompany Transactions
    1. Define Intercompany Relationships
    2. Enter Intercompany Transactions
    3. Post Intercompany Transactions in General Ledger
    4. View Intercompany Transactions in Inquiry
  5. Maintaining Records
    1. Vendor and Transaction Holds
    2. Void Open Payables Transactions
    3. Void Historical Transactions
    4. Edit Payables Transactions
    5. Change or Delete Vendor Records
    6. Remove History
    7. Reconcile
    8. Use Inquiries
    9. Report Options and Printing
    10. Report Groups
    11. Lab: Transaction Holds
    12. Lab: Void an Open Transaction
    13. Lab: Void a Historical Transaction
    14. Lab: Edit Transaction Information
    15. Lab: Delete a VendorLab: Remove History
  6. Period-End Procedures
    1. Closing a Period
    2. Close the Calendar Year
    3. Close the Fiscal Year
    4. Lab: Close Fiscal Periods
    5. Lab: Year-End Closing
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Dynamics class:

  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Windows.
  • Knowledge of basic accounting principles.
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