MOC 80576 - Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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This Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 training class describes the processes required to enter, depreciate, and retire fixed assets. This course also demonstrates how to perform additional related functions such as changing asset information, mass changes, partial transfers and partial retirements.

This course is intended for someone wanting to learn the basic features and to develop a working knowledge of the typical day-to-day procedures required to effectively use Fixed Assets. The class is targeted toward data entry clerks, administrators; accountants, CEOs, and consultants who need to understand the technical aspects of Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics GP and gain foundational knowledge of the application's functionality.

  1. Learn to create asset records, asset books, asset classes, and asset book classes.
  2. Learn to maintain asset records using transfers, changes, and retirements.
  3. Learn to depreciate assets and post depreciation from Fixed Assets to General Ledger.
  4. Learn to understand the possible integration points Fixed Assets has with other Microsoft Dynamics GP modules.
  5. Learn to identify available utilities that are used to manage asset records.
  1. Overview and Setup Procedures
    1. Features and Benefits
    2. Fixed Assets Processes and Integration
    3. Configure the Fixed Assets Calendar
    4. Enter Account Groups
    5. Enter Fixed Assets Post Accounts
    6. Create Insurance and Asset Class Records
    7. Create Book Records
    8. Create Book Class Records
    9. Fixed Assets Company Setup
    10. Create Location and Physical Location Records
    11. Create Lease, Retirement and Structure Records
    12. Fixed Assets User Preferences
    13. Enter Existing Assets
    14. Lab: Account Group Setup
    15. Lab: Purchasing Posting Accounts Setup
    16. Lab: Class Setup
    17. Lab: Book Setup
    18. Lab: Book Class Setup
    19. Lab: Fixed Assets Company Setup
  2. Daily Procedures
    1. Asset General Information
    2. Asset Account Information
    3. Asset Book Information
    4. Asset Insurance and Lease Records
    5. Asset User Data
    6. Payables Management Interface
    7. Purchase Order Processing Interface
    8. Lab: Asset General Information
    9. Lab: Asset Book Information
    10. Lab: Asset Book ITC Information
    11. Lab: Payables Management Interface
    12. Enter the Invoice in Payables Management
    13. Add the Paper Shredder to Fixed Assets
    14. Lab: Enter a Purchase Order for a Capital Item
    15. Lab: Receive the Capital Item
    16. Lab: Enter a Capital Item in Fixed Assets
  3. Maintaining Records
    1. Select Assets
    2. Depreciation Projections
    3. Changing Asset Information
    4. Transferring Assets
    5. Retire Assets
    6. Retire Undo
    7. Asset Utilities
    8. Using Inquiries
    9. Report Options and Printing
    10. Report List
    11. Lab: Select Assets
    12. Lab: Depreciation Projection
    13. Lab: Mass Change
    14. Lab: Transfer an Asset
    15. Lab: Partial Retirement
    16. Lab: Retire Undo
  4. Period-End Procedures
    1. Period-End Procedures
    2. Year-End Procedures
    3. Lab: Depreciation
    4. Lab: Fixed Assets to General Ledger Posting
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Dynamics class:

  • General knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Basic knowledge of accounting principles, especially the concept of depreciation.
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