MOC 80571 - Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013

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This Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 training class explores the basic elements of Microsoft Dynamics GP. Topics covered during this session include system and company setup procedures, how to use reports and inquiries, how to use SmartList to expand inquiry and analysis capabilities and tips for the user to personalize Microsoft Dynamics GP to streamline business practices.

This course is intended for customers and partners wanting to learn the basic features and elements required to effectively use Microsoft Dynamics GP. The class is targeted toward data entry clerks, administrators, office managers, CEOs, and consultants who need to understand the basic technical aspects of Microsoft Dynamics GP and gain some basic general knowledge of the application's functionality.

  1. Learn to use basic elements such as lookup windows, browse buttons and zooms to access data in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  2. Learn to enter record and window level notes and attach OLE notes to records.
  3. Learn to use SmartList to export data to Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel for further analysis.
  4. Learn to use the Posting Setup options to define posting processes.
  5. Learn to identify what is required to use Word Templates.
  6. Learn to customize system and company setup procedures using the Setup Checklist.
  7. Learn to set up fiscal periods, account formats, credit cards and payment terms.
  8. Learn to use inquiries and reports to get at the information that is needed from Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  9. Learn to customize Microsoft Dynamics GP toolbars, home pages and display settings.
  10. Learn to describe the benefits of using Business Alerts and Process Servers.
  11. Learn to view and use resource descriptions for tables and fields in Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  1. Overview and Basic Elements
    1. Basic Elements
    2. Using Notes
    3. User Preferences
    4. Navigation Pane
    5. Home Pages
    6. Help and Other Documentation
    7. Lab: Advanced LookupsLab: OLE Notes
    8. Lab: User Preferences
  2. SmartList, Reports, and Inquiries
    1. SmartLists
    2. Microsoft Word Templates
    3. Report Options and Printing
    4. Report Groups
    5. Report List and My Reports
    6. Excel Reports
    7. Inquiries, Named Printers and Process Monitor
    8. Lab: SmartList
    9. Lab: Report Options and Groups
  3. System and Posting Setup
    1. System Setup
    2. Posting Methods and Setup Options
    3. Posting Accounts and Audit Trails
    4. Lab: Security TasksLab: Security Roles
    5. Lab: Assigning Security Roles to Users
    6. Lab: Modifying Posting Settings
  4. Company Setup Procedures
    1. Creating Companies
    2. Accessing Companies
    3. Setup Checklist
    4. Account Format
    5. Fiscal Periods
    6. Company Information and Setup Options
    7. Shipping Methods
    8. Payment Terms
    9. Credit Cards
    10. Other Company Setups
    11. Internet Information
    12. Emailing Documents
    13. Unified Communications
    14. Tax Setup
    15. Tax Calculations in Receivables and Payables
    16. Tax Calculations in Sales Order Processing
    17. Lab: Create a New CompanyLab: Account Format
    18. Lab: Defining Fiscal PeriodsLab: Entering Company Information
    19. Lab: Set Up Shipping Methods
    20. Lab: Set Up Payment Terms
    21. Lab: Set Up Custom Links
    22. Lab: Set Up a New Tax
  5. Customization and Utilities
    1. Series Checklists
    2. Customizing Toolbars
    3. Activity Tracking
    4. Process Server Overview
    5. Other Customization Options
    6. Removing Security Setup Records
    7. Installation and Customization
    8. Table Information and Maintenance
    9. Backups
    10. Lab: ChecklistsLab: Toolbars
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Dynamics class:

  • General experience using Microsoft Windows.
  • Basic understanding of accounting principles.
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