MOC 80542 - Customization and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

This Customization and Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 training class describes the techniques required to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet the specialized needs of businesses. The topics covered include security, creation and configuration of entities, design of forms views and charts, and auditing and solutions. The course describes each topic and how each topic relates to the other topics to produce a full configured, effective solution.

This training is intended for both novice and experienced customizers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM who are familiar with the end-user principles of the software. No programming skills are required, but a basic understanding of database principles will be an advantage.

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Webucator is a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS). This class uses official Microsoft courseware and will be delivered by a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

  1. Learn to design and implement strategies for the creation of Business Units and Security Roles.
  2. Learn to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users and Teams.
  3. Learn to describe the principles of customizing the system.
  4. Learn to create and configure fields for both custom and system entities.
  5. Learn to create and configure custom entities, including standard and activity entities.
  6. Learn to design, create and configure relationships between entities.
  7. Learn to create and configure Views, Charts and Forms for both system and custom entities.
  8. Learn to implement Field Security and Access Team Templates in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  9. Learn to design, create and configure Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  10. Learn to design, create and configure Business Rules and Business Process Flows to guide users through their work.
  1. Introduction to Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
    1. Customization or Development?
    2. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution
    3. Introduction to Entity Customization
    4. Lab: Create a Solution and publisher
  2. Building a Security Model in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013
    1. Introduction to Business Units
    2. Overview of Security Roles
    3. User Management Overview
    4. Team Management
    5. Overview Teams and Sharing
    6. Manage Security Roles for Users and Teams
    7. Lab: Configure Security Roles
    8. Lab: Configure User Access
  3. Customizing Entities
    1. Entity Customization Concepts
    2. Create a Custom Entity
    3. Additional Entity Properties
    4. Modifying the Configuration of an Entity
    5. Lab: Create Custom Entities
    6. Lab: Create a Custom Activity Entity
  4. Customizing Fields
    1. Field Data Types
    2. Field Display Formats
    3. Field Properties
    4. Customize Existing Fields
    5. Configure Option Sets
    6. Status and Status Reason Fields
    7. Delete Fields
    8. Lab: Create and Modify a Global Option Set
  5. Managing Relationships
    1. Types of Entity Relationships
    2. Create Entity Relationships
    3. 1:N Relationship Behavior
    4. Field Mappings in 1:N Relationships
    5. Connections and Connection Roles
    6. Lab: Create New Relationships
    7. Lab: Customize Relationship Mappings
  6. Customizing Forms
    1. Form Customization Overview
    2. Create and Modify Forms
    3. Quick Create and Quick View Forms
    4. Manage Multiple Forms
    5. Mobile Clients
    6. Lab: Modify Form Layout and Add Fields
    7. Lab: Create a Role-Based Form for the Competitor entity
  7. Configuring Business Rules
    1. Configure Business Rules
    2. Lab: Create a Business Rule
  8. Customizing Views
    1. View Customization Concepts
    2. System Views
    3. Create Custom Views
    4. Remove Unwanted Views
    5. Lab: Modify a Quick Find View
    6. Lab: Create Custom Views
  9. Customizing Charts and Dashboards
    1. Create and Modify Charts
    2. Export and Import Charts
    3. Create and Modify Dashboards
    4. Lab: Create a Custom Chart
    5. Lab: Create a Dashboard
  10. Additional Security Options
    1. Field Security
    2. Access Team Templates
    3. Auditing Overview
    4. Lab: Configure Field Security
    5. Lab: Create and Configure an Access Team Template
  11. Business Process Flows
    1. Business Process Flows
    2. Lab: Create a Multi-Entity Business Process Flow
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Dynamics class:

  • A working knowledge of how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

Experience in the following would be useful for this Dynamics class:

  • It is recommended, but not required, that individuals have completed Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 or 2013 applications training. Because this training material focuses on customizing database entities, attributes, relationships, and mappings, it is recommended that individuals have a basic understanding of Microsoft SQL Server and relational database functionality.
Preparing for Class

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Length: 3 Days
  • Private Class for your Team
  • Online or On-location
  • Customizable
  • Expert Instructors

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Instructor was wonderful. I can't wait till the next class.
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As a small business we pride ourself on customer service. I received top rate customer service from the instructor that I had. I will definitely take more classes offered.
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Excellent way to get useful training with lasting results.
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