MOC 20778 - Analyzing Data with Power BI

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The main purpose of this 3-day Analyzing Data with Power BI training class is to give students a good understanding of data analysis with Power BI. The course includes creating visualizations, the Power BI Service, and the Power BI Mobile App.

The course will likely be attended by SQL Server report creators who are interested in alternative methods of presenting data.

  1. Learn to perform Power BI desktop data transformation.
  2. Learn to describe Power BI desktop modelling.
  3. Learn to create a Power BI desktop visualization.
  4. Learn to implement the Power BI service.
  5. Learn to describe how to connect to Excel data.
  6. Learn to describe how to collaborate with Power BI data.
  7. Learn to connect directly to data stores.
  8. Learn to describe the Power BI developer API.
  9. Learn to describe the Power BI mobile app.
  1. Power BI Desktop Data Transformations
    1. What is Power BI?
    2. Power BI data
    3. Transformations
    4. Lab: Import Data to Power BI
      1. Import data to Power BI desktop
      2. Import data from CSV files
      3. Import data from a less structured file
  2. Power BI Desktop Modeling
    1. Optimizing data models
    2. Calculations
    3. Hierarchies
    4. Lab: Manage Power BI data
      1. Manage table relationships
      2. Last year comparison
      3. Year to date
      4. Market share
      5. Optimize the data model
  3. Power BI Desktop VisualizationAt the end of this module students will be able to create a Power BI desktop visualization.Lessons
    1. Visualizing your data
    2. Working with multiple visualizations
    3. Lab: Create reports with visualizations
      1. Cross-tabular reports
      2. Part-to-Whole reports
      3. Relationship reports
      4. Trend reports
      5. Rank reports
  4. Power BI Service
    1. Working with the Power BI service
    2. Configuring a dashboard
    3. Viewing a Power BI Dashboard
    4. Lab: Implementing the Power BI service
      1. Upload a Power BI report
      2. Share a Power BI dashboard
      3. Configure data refresh
  5. Working with Excel
    1. Importing data from excel
    2. Analyzing data in Excel
    3. Lab: Working with Excel
      1. Uploading an Excel file with an Excel table
      2. Uploading an Excel file with a data model
  6. Organization Content Packs, Security, and groups
    1. Collaboration
    2. Content packs
    3. Lab: Working with Organization Content Packs
      1. Create a content pack
      2. Edit a content pack
      3. Share a content pack
  7. Direct Connectivity
    1. Cloud data
    2. Connecting to analysis services
    3. Lab: Direct Connectivity
      1. Direct connectivity from Power BI desktop
      2. Direct connectivity from the Power BI service
  8. Developer API
    1. The developer API
    2. Custom visuals
    3. Lab: Using the developer API
      1. Using custom visuals
  9. Power BI mobile app
    1. The Power BI mobile app
    2. Using the Power BI mobile app
    3. Power BI embedded
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this SharePoint class:

  • Excellent knowledge of relational databases and reporting.
  • Some basic knowledge of data warehouse schema topology (including star and snowflake schemas).
  • Some exposure to basic programming constructs (such as looping and branching).
  • An awareness of key business priorities such as revenue, profitability, and financial accounting is desirable.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications - particularly Excel.
Prerequisite Courses

Courses that can help you meet these prerequisites:

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Lisa is an excellent teacher for FrameMaker. She made the course material understandable and relevant.

Veronica Hobson, Weatherford
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Taking a webinar with this instructor is like code candy :-)

Stevan Huber, Olmsted County Community Services - Children's Mental Health Resource Center
Rochester MN

Exceeded Expectations! Amazing Instructor! Actually Learned Something!!!

Wendy James, RCS, Department of Veterans Affairs
Lakewood CO

This is my 2nd class with Webucators and my experience was as good as the first one (Java for Beginners). The instructor was good and knowledgeable.The class was good and the labs and activities in the class really help to understand the concepts better.

Oscar Avila, Administrative Office of the Courts (JID)
Santa Fe NM

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