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In this Essentials of Developing Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and JavaScript training class, students will learn essential programming skills and techniques that are required to develop Windows Store apps. This includes a combination of both design and development skills, as well as ensuring that students are comfortable using and making the most of the Microsoft Visual Studio and Expression Blend tools.

This course maps to the 70-481 exam.

This course is intended for professional developers who have one or more years of experience creating applications and who are comfortable programming in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

  1. Learn to describe the Windows 8 platform and features, and explore the basics of a Windows app interface.
  2. Learn to create the User Interface layout and structure.
  3. Learn to apply the MVVM pattern to application design.
  4. Learn to implement the AppBar and layout controls.
  5. Learn to use templates to create the UI.
  6. Learn to use data binding to present data in the UI.
  7. Learn to handle files and streams.
  8. Learn to design and implement Process Lifetime Management (PLM).
  9. Learn to handle navigation scenarios in a Windows Store app.
  10. Learn to implement Semantic Zoom.
  11. Learn to design and implement contracts such as Search, Share and Settings.
  12. Learn to implement tiles and toast notifications in a Windows Store app.
  13. Learn to respond to mouse, keyboard and touch events, including gestures.
  14. Learn to deploy a Windows Store app to the Windows Store or an enterprise store.
  1. Overview of the Windows 8.1 Platform and Windows Store Apps
    1. Introduction to the Windows 8.1 Platform
    2. Windows 8 UI Principles
    3. WinRT and Language Projections
    4. Lab: Overview of the Windows 8.1 Platform and Windows Store Apps
      1. Exploring the Windows 8 Platform
      2. Exploring a Windows Store App
  2. Single-Page Apps and the MVVM Design Pattern
    1. Single-Page Applications
    2. The MVVM Design Pattern
    3. Lab: Single-Page Apps and the MVVM Design Pattern
      1. Paper-based Quiz
  3. Using WinJS
    1. The WinJS Library
    2. WinJS APIs
    3. Lab: Using WinJS
      1. Defining the Data.Model Namespace and Objects
      2. Using Promises to Load Data Asynchronously
  4. Implementing Layout Using Windows 8.1 Controls
    1. Windows 8.1 Layout Controls
    2. Implementing WinJS Controls and Templates
    3. The AppBar Control
    4. Windowing Modes
    5. Lab: Implementing a Layout by Using Windows 8.1 Controls
      1. Implementing an AppBar Control
      2. Creating Adaptive Views
  5. Presenting Data
    1. Working with Data Presentation Controls
    2. The ListView Control
    3. Lab: Presenting Data
      1. Implement the ListView Control
  6. Implementing Tiles and User Notifications
    1. Implementing Tiles, Live Tiles, Secondary Tiles, and Badge Notifications
    2. Implementing Toast Notifications
    3. Lab: Implementing Tiles and User Notifications
      1. Enabling Live Tile Functionality on the Main Tile
      2. Adding Secondary Tiles Functionality
  7. Handling Files in Windows Store Apps
    1. Handling Files and Streams in Windows Store Apps
    2. Working with File User Interface Components
    3. Lab: Handling Files in Windows Store Apps
      1. Writing Data to the Notes File
      2. Reading Data from the Notes File
  8. Windows Store App Process Lifetime Management
    1. Process Lifetime Management
    2. Windows Store App Activation and Background Tasks
    3. Implementing a State Management Strategy
    4. Lab: Windows Store App Process Lifetime Management
      1. Explore the Different PLM States
      2. Implement State Management
  9. Designing and Implementing Navigation in a Windows StoreApp
    1. How do you implement navigation in Windows Store apps?
    2. How can you give the user a set of rich pages that they can use in a way that captures the essence of fast and fluid?
    3. Page navigation is a fundamental part of many apps.
      1. Add Navigation to the App
      2. Implement Semantic Zoom
  10. Implementing Windows 8.1 Contracts
    1. Designing for Charms and Contracts
    2. The Search Contract
    3. The Share Contract
    4. Managing App Settings and Preferences
    5. Lab: Implementing Windows 8.1 Contracts
      1. Implement the Search Contract
      2. Implement the Share Contract
      3. Adding a New Setting to the Settings Pane
      4. Optional: Implementing Search with the SearchBox Control
  11. Designing and Implementing a Data Access Strategy
    1. Evaluating Data Access Strategies
    2. Working with Remote Data
    3. Lab: Designing and Implementing a Data Access Strategy - Quiz
      1. Paper Based Quiz
  12. Responding to Mouse and Touch
    1. Working with Mouse Events
    2. Working with Gesture Events
    3. Lab: Responding to Mouse Events and Touch Gestures
      1. Implement Mouse Events
      2. Implement Gesture Events
  13. Planning for Windows Store App Deployment
    1. The Windows Store App Manifest
    2. Windows Store App Certification
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