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This Microsoft Project Server training class is intended for Administrators, Systems Engineers, PMO Managers, Project Managers, Consultants and other people responsible for the deployment and management of a Microsoft EPM Solution using Project Server 2010 in medium to very large computing environments that use the Microsoft Windows Server 2010 operating system.

  1. Be familiar with the components in the Microsoft EPM platform
  2. Understand Project Server's enterprise project management terminology
  3. Be familiar with the Enterprise Resource Pool and the Enterprise Global file
  4. Describe the new features in Project Server 2010
  5. Understand the EPM platform technology stack
  6. Understand the Project Server 2010 installation types
  7. Name the databases used by Project Server 2010 and Windows SharePoint Services
  8. Describe the project communications life cycle used in Project Server 2010
  9. Be familiar with Project Server 2010 team collaboration tools
  10. Understand the concept of publishing with Project Server 2010
  11. Acquire an overview understanding of OLAP cubes and Data Analysis views
  12. Identify hardware and software requirements for a Project Server 2010 installation
  13. Understand service accounts required for installation and operation
  14. Configure SQL Server and Analysis Services for SharePoint Server and Project Server
  15. Install SharePoint Server and Project Server
  16. Create a Project Server Web App
  17. Create SharePoint Service Applications Manually
  1. What's New for Project Server 2010
    1. Introducing the Microsoft 2010 EPM Platform
    2. Applying EPM Terminology to Project Server
    3. Understanding Project Server Terminology
    4. Enterprise Project
    5. Enterprise Resource
    6. Check In and Check Out
    7. Portfolio Analyses
    8. Portfolio Analysis
    9. Enterprise Resource Pool Overview
    10. Enterprise Global Overview
    11. Understanding the EPM Platform Technology Stack
    12. Project Server Installation Types
    13. Understanding Project Server Physical Environments
    14. Understanding Databases in the Enterprise
    15. Understanding the Project Communications Lifecycle
    16. Collaboration and Management Tools Overview
  2. Installing Project Server 2010
    1. Installing Project Server 2010 Overview
    2. Preparing to Install SharePoint Server and Project Server 2010
    3. Meet or Exceed Minimum Hardware Requirements
    4. Meet or Exceed Minimum Software Requirements
    5. Application Server Requirements
    6. SQL Server Requirements
    7. Desktop Requirements
    8. Prepare the Security Environment
    9. Create Service Accounts
    10. Create Domain Global Groups for Reporting
    11. Prepare SQL Server for SharePoint Server and Project Server
    12. Configure SQL Network Settings for SQL Server 2008 (SQL 2005 users skip to next section)
    13. Configure SQL Network Settings for SQL Server 2005
    14. Add a SQL Server Login for the Farm Administrator Account
    15. Enable the Common Language Runtime
    16. Set SQL Server Database Collation
    17. Prepare SQL Server Analysis Services for Project Server
    18. Prepare Your Server for Project Server Installation
    19. Configure Proxy Server Bypass
    20. Disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Settings
    21. Add the Farm Administrator Role Account to the Local Admin Group
    22. Installing SharePoint Server 2010 and Project Server 2010
    23. Install Software Prerequisites
    24. Install SharePoint Server 2010 Software
    25. Install Project Server 2010
    26. Run SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard
    27. Configure Your SharePoint Farm
    28. Select Services and Create a Site Collection
    29. Set Read Permissions on the New Site
    30. Create a Project Server 2010 Web App
    31. Creating a Service Application Manually
    32. Upgrading and Migrating to Microsoft Project Server 2010
    33. Non-Technical Considerations for Upgrading
    34. Technical Considerations for Upgrading
    35. Planning for Project Client Co-existence
    36. Relinking Project Workspaces in the VME
    37. Relinking Project Sites in Project Server 2010
    38. Migrating Project Portfolio Server 2007 to Project Server 2010
  3. Time permitting the following will also be covered
  4. Post-Installation Configuration
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Microsoft Project class:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2007/2010 networking
  • Microsoft Office Project Professional
  • Basic project management concepts
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Students rated our Microsoft Project Server 2010 Training trainers 10.00 out of 10 based on 2 reviews

Great class with hands on training. Instructor was extremely effective with the lectures. Definitely worth the time and cost.

Dave Beeston, Islands Trust
Victoria BC

I wanted to take an in-classroom course because I thought I needed hands-on training and personal attention from the instructor. With such a small number of people in the class and the ability to talk to the instructor via the headset, I was able to get exactly what I needed. It was just like being in the classroom but better - I didn't have to leave my office! I was absolutely thrilled with the experience and am telling everyone in my company that this is the kind of training they should take should they require anything in the future!

Shannon Bray, ADM Corporation
Middlesex NJ

I really enjoyed the introductory course and will most likely consider taking a more advanced course with Webucator.

Elena Pimenova, MarkMonitor
Boise ID

I would most definitely consider Webucator for future software training. It was very convenient, totally comprehensible, and absolutely great at getting me up to speed with the basics of a brand new program.

Erin Swanson, IDL Worldwide
Pittsburgh PA

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