MB-330T02 - Use Quality Management, Intercompany Trading and Master Planning in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

This course discusses how to use quality management, Intercompany trading and master planning in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.


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  1. Perform Quality Control and Quality Management Processes
  2. Apply inventory blocking
  3. Perform quarantine management
  4. Configure products for Intercompany trade relations
  5. Configure intercompany trade relationships
  6. Configure intercompany agreements
  7. Process Intercompany orders
  8. Process Intercompany direct deliveries
  9. Process Intercompany charges
  10. Understand Intercompany Return Order Chain
  11. Define master planning Policies
  12. Learn about Demand and Supply Forecasts
  13. Configure calculated delays
  14. Configure Item coverage
  15. Understand brief introduction to intercompany master planning
  16. Run plans and firm planned orders
  1. Configure and Use Quality Control and Management Processes
    1. Introduction
    2. Perform quality control and management processes
    3. Apply inventory blocking
    4. Perform quarantine management
    5. Practice labs
    6. Module summary
  2. Configure and Use Intercompany Trade Relations
    1. Introduction
    2. Understand intercompany trading
    3. Setup intercompany trade relations
    4. Process intercompany chain orders
    5. Setup intercompany agreements and direct deliveries
    6. Practice labs
    7. Module summary
  3. Configure and Use Master Planning planning in Finance and Operations.Lessons
    1. Introduction
    2. Master planning considerations and setup
    3. Create master plans
    4. Learn about demand and supply forecasts
    5. Configure item coverage
    6. Brief introduction to intercompany planning
    7. Run plans and firm planned orders
    8. Practice labs
    9. Module summary
  4. Course Conclusion
    1. Final assessment
    2. Course summary
    3. Post-course survey
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