MB-310T02 - Configure and Use Accounts Payable, Receivable, and Collections in Finance and Operations

This Configure and Use Accounts Payable, Receivable, and Collections in Finance and Operations training class discusses how to configure and use accounts payable, receivable, and collections in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.


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  1. Configure accounts payable components.
  2. Create and maintain a vendor.
  3. Configure vendor payments.
  4. Set up vendor posting profiles.
  5. Configure accounts payable charges.
  6. Settle transactions and undo settlements.
  7. Distribute funds by using accounting distributions.
  8. Configure invoice validation policies.
  9. Configure Accounts receivable components
  10. Create and maintain a customer
  11. Configure customer payments.
  12. Set up customer posting profiles
  13. Configure accounts receivable charges
  14. Distribute funds by using Accounting distributions
  15. Create free text invoices, and record customer payments
  16. Configure Recurring invoices
  17. Use reversals in Accounts receivable
  18. Process orders, record invoices, and process payments
  19. Configure credit and collections components.
  20. Configure aging reports, customer pools, collection agents, and aging period definitions.
  21. Set up and manage interests.
  22. Set up and manage collection letters.
  1. Configure Accounts Payable
    1. Understand Task recorder functionality
    2. Configure accounts payable parameters
    3. Create and maintain vendors
    4. Configure accounts payable charges
    5. Configure and use positive pay
    6. Practice Lab
    7. Module summary
  2. Perform Accounts Payable Daily Procedures
    1. Introduction
    2. Process orders, invoices, and payments
    3. Manage and apply prepayments
    4. Practice Labs
    5. Module summary
  3. Use Accounting Distribution and Invoice Validations
    1. Introduction
    2. Settle transaction and undo settlements
    3. Distribute funds
    4. Configure invoice validation policies
    5. Practice labs
    6. Module summary
  4. Configure Accounts Receivable
    1. Configure accounts receivable
    2. Create and maintain customers
    3. Setup customer posting profiles
    4. Configure accounts receivable charges
    5. Practice Lab
    6. Module summary
  5. Perform Accounts Receivable Daily Procedures
    1. Create free text invoices and record customer payments
    2. Settle transactions and undo settlement
    3. Practice Lab
    4. Module summary
  6. Configure Credit and Collections
    1. Introduction
    2. Configure credit and collections components
    3. Setup and manage interest
    4. Waive, reinstate or reverse
    5. Setup and manage collection letters
    6. Practice Lab
    7. Module summary
  7. Process Credit and Collections
    1. Introduction
    2. Understand how to process collections
    3. Manage customer credit and collections
    4. Practice Labs
    5. Module summary
  8. Course Conclusion
    1. Final assessment
    2. Course summary
    3. Post-course survey
Class Materials

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Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Dynamics class:

  • Basic understanding of ERP, CRM concepts.

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