MB-300T03 - Data Migration and Preparing for Go-live with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

This Data Migration and Preparing for Go-live with Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations training class discusses how data migration and go-live preparation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.


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  1. Learn to choose a data integration (import/export) strategy.
  2. Learn to identify common migration scenarios and tools in Finance and Operations.
  3. Learn to understand the bring your own database (BYOD) feature.
  4. Learn to identify relevant (legacy) systems.
  5. Learn to identify and import static data that is common between industries.
  6. Learn to create and review test plans for data migration.
  7. Learn to identify and extract source data.
  8. Learn to identify relevant data entities and elements.
  9. Learn to generate field mapping between source and target data structures.
  10. Learn to perform a test migration and validate output.
  11. Learn to support the transition between the existing and migrated systems.
  12. Learn to identify the correct pattern for a given scenario to use the Data management platform for integration by using data entities.
  13. Learn to work with the Data management workspace.
  14. Learn to export data from a legal entity.
  15. Learn to import data into a legal entity.
  16. Learn to work with data import and export jobs.
  17. Learn to clean up the staging tables.
  18. Learn to how to understand the correlation between test cases and business requirements.
  19. Learn to best practices for recording test cases.
  20. Learn to task recorder.
  21. Learn to how to create a Scenario Acceptance Testing BPM library.
  22. Learn to how to synchronize and configure your test plan in Azure DevOps.
  23. Learn to how to execute your tests.
  24. Learn to prepare for go live.
  25. Learn to complete the Lifecycle Services (LCS) methodology.
  26. Learn to perform User acceptance testing (UAT) for your solution.
  27. Learn to understand the FastTrack Go-live assessment.
  28. Learn to request the production environment.
  1. Prepare Data for Migration and Migrate Data
    1. Introduction
    2. Understand BYOD feature
    3. Perform a test migration and validate output
    4. Module summary
  2. Use Data Management
    1. Introduction
    2. Understand data management and integration
    3. Data management workspace
    4. Templates in data management
    5. Import, export and copy data into a legal entity
    6. Practice Labs
    7. Module summary
  3. Perform User Acceptance Testing
    1. Introduction
    2. Create and perform test cases for User Acceptance
    3. Practice Lab
    4. Module summary
  4. Prepare to Go Live
    1. Introduction
    2. Get ready to go live
    3. Module summary
  5. Course Conclusion
    1. Final assessment
    2. Course summary
    3. Post-course survey
Class Materials

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Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Dynamics class:

  • Basic understanding of ERP, CRM concepts.

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I thought this class was well worth the money and the time. Can't wait to take the next levels (3 and 4) of Access 2007. The instructor was able to hold my attention and was able to teach very well.
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