MB-240T02 - Work Order and Delivery Execution for Dynamics 365 for Field Service

This Work Order and Delivery Execution for Dynamics 365 for Field Service training class helps students better understand the bigger picture and end goals focused around work order delivery and execution that aid in designing more efficient solutions that align with customer and organizational goals.


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  1. Learn to identify the key areas involved in a work order lifecycle. .
  2. Learn to generate agreements that can be used to automatically create work orders.
  3. Learn to leverage the inventory management capabilities of Dynamics 365 for Field Service.
  4. Learn to create and work Purchase Orders through their lifecycle. .
  5. Learn to deploy and Configure the Field Service Mobile Application.
  1. Field Service Work Orders
    1. Configure field service work orders
    2. Creating work orders
    3. Managing work orders
  2. Field Service Agreements
    1. Using field service agreements
    2. Set up bookings
    3. Set up invoices
  3. Inventory and Purchasing
    1. Manage customer assets
    2. Manage inventory
    3. Purchasing and returns
  4. Field Service Mobile
    1. Field Service Mobile Application overview
    2. Install and deploy Field Service Mobile Projects
    3. Manage Mobile Projects
    4. Deploy the Mobile client
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Dynamics class:

  • Basic understanding of Dynamics 365 features, functionality, and navigation.

Training for your Team

Length: 1 Day
  • Private Class for your Team
  • Online or On-location
  • Customizable
  • Expert Instructors

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The instructor had an excellent understanding of the subject matter and was able to convey that knowledge effectively to the class. He also was enthusiastic about the content and maintained a light-hearted mood to the class that made it more enjoyable.
Matt Sykes
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Informative and great paced class.
Merly Maltezo
Webucutor is good place to take online classes. They have a very good staff and customer response.
VinayDutt Jangampet
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I have been in training with Webucator twice now and the instructor has done a great job on both of my courses. The material is well documented and thought out, and the instructor did a great job of furthering the discussion through his own experience.
Jason Bandy
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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