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Microsoft Office Project 2007 enables you to create and manage your projects in a standalone desktop environment. In this Microsoft Project 2007 Training class, you will create a project plan containing tasks, organize these tasks in a work breakdown structure containing task relationships, create and assign resources, and finalize the project to implement the project plan. You will also learn to use Microsoft Office Project 2007 to exchange project plan data with other applications, update project plans, create visual reports, and reuse project plan information.

  1. Learn to create a new enterprise project on the Project Server.
  2. Learn to add resources to an enterprise project.
  3. Learn to establish a project baseline within the EPM solution.
  4. Learn to manage project updates.
  5. Learn to manage a project.
  6. Learn to manage project-related information.
  7. Learn to analyze a project within the context of the enterprise.
  8. Learn to exchange project plan data with other applications.
  9. Learn to update a project plan.
  10. Learn to manage project costs.
  11. Learn to report project data visually.
  12. Learn to reuse project plan information.
  1. Getting Started with Microsoft Project
    1. Explore the Microsoft Project 2007 Environment
    2. Display an Existing Project Plan in Different Views
  2. Creating a Project Plan
    1. Create a New Project Plan
    2. Assign a Project Calendar
    3. Add Tasks to the Project Plan
    4. Enter the Task Duration Estimates
    5. Add Resources in the Project Plan
  3. Managing Tasks in a Project Plan
    1. Outline Tasks
    2. Add a Recurring Task
    3. Link Dependent Tasks
    4. Set a Constraint to a Task
    5. Set a Task Deadline
    6. Add Notes to a Task
  4. Managing Resources in a Project Plan
    1. Create a Resource Calendar
    2. Assign Resources to Tasks
    3. Assign Additional Resources to a Task
    4. Enter Costs for Resources
    5. Enter Values for Budget Resources
    6. Resolve Resource Conflicts
  5. Finalizing the Project Plan
    1. Display the Critical Path
    2. Shorten the Project Duration
    3. Set a Baseline
    4. Print a Project Summary Report
  6. Exchanging Project Plan Data with Other Applications
    1. Import Project Information
    2. Export Project Plan Data into Excel
    3. Copy a Picture of the Project Plan Information
  7. Updating a Project Plan
    1. Enter Task Progress
    2. Enter Overtime Work
    3. Split a Task
    4. Reschedule a Task
    5. Filter Tasks
    6. Set an Interim Plan
    7. Create a Custom Table
    8. Create a Custom Report
  8. Managing Project Costs
    1. Update Cost Rate Tables
    2. Group Costs
    3. Link Documents to a Project Plan
  9. Reporting Project Data Visually
    1. Create a Visual Report
    2. Customize a Visual Report
    3. Create a Visual Report Template
  10. Reusing Project Plan Information
    1. Create a Project Plan Template
    2. Create a Custom View
    3. Make Custom Views Available to Other Project Plans
    4. Share Resources
    5. Create a Master Project
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Tami Wildoner, ITT RRAS
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The training is geared towards all learners: visual, hands on, auditory. The pace was perfect, and I am ready to use Project. The instructor was excellent and so was the class size. Perfect!

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I'm now advanced in Microsoft Project within 2 days!

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