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This Microsoft Outlook 2007 training class is the first in a series of Outlook 2007 courses. It will provide you with the skills you need to start sending and responding to email in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, as well as maintaining your Calendar, scheduling meetings, and working with tasks and notes. In this course, you will compose and send email, schedule appointments and meetings, manage contact information and tasks, and use notes.

  1. Learn to identify the components of the Outlook environment. You will also perform simple tasks such as sending and responding to email messages.
  2. Learn to compose messages.
  3. Learn to use folders to organize messages.
  4. Learn to manage contacts and contact information.
  5. Learn to schedule appointments.
  6. Learn to schedule meetings.
  7. Learn to manage tasks and notes.
  1. Getting Started with Outlook
    1. Explore the Outlook Interface
    2. Send a Simple Message
    3. Read Messages
    4. Reply to and Forward a Message
    5. Print a Message
    6. Delete a Message
  2. Composing Messages
    1. Address a Message
    2. Format a Message
    3. Check Spelling and Grammar
    4. Attach a File
  3. Organizing Messages
    1. Open and Save an Attachment
    2. Flag a Message
    3. Organize Content with Folders
  4. Managing Contacts
    1. Add a Contact
    2. Sort and Find Contacts
    3. Find the Geographical Location of a Contact
    4. Manage Contacts
  5. Scheduling Appointments
    1. Explore the Outlook Calendar
    2. Schedule an Appointment
    3. Assign Categories and Edit Appointments
  6. Scheduling Meetings
    1. Schedule a Meeting
    2. Reply to a Meeting Request
    3. Propose a New Meeting Time
    4. Manage Meetings
    5. Print the Calendar
  7. Managing Tasks and Notes
    1. Create a Task
    2. Edit and Update a Task
    3. Create a Note
    4. Edit a Note
    5. Display a Note on the Desktop
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I have done a lot of SQL queries but still got a lot of valuable information and insight from the "Introduction to SQL" class. Great job!!!! Thank you.

Alexander Tsui, Universal American
Houston TX

Very beneficial. I will take more classes in the future.

Loria Heerensperger, Washington Dairy Products Commission
Lynnwood WA

The Class and instruction provided was handled with aplomb above reproach.

William Gower, bankofamerica
Fort Worth TX

I highly recommend these training courses. The instructor had an abundance of knowledge and went above and beyond with every question I asked!

Kristen Hewitt, The Schiff Home Team - Keller Williams Baltimore
Pikesville MD

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