Introduction to ASP.NET Core Development with Visual Studio 2015

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Previously referred to as ASP.NET 5 (and MVC 6), ASP.NET Core is a completely new web stack
developed from the ground up. This 4-day course introduces attendees to the new .NET Core
platform and teaches attendees the skills necessary to design and build well-architected web and service-oriented applications that follow the MVC design pattern.

  1. Learn about the ASP.NET Core Application Architecture.
  2. Learn to work with routing and controllers.
  3. Learn to work with Models.
  4. Learn about views.
  5. Learn about authentication.
  6. Learn how to implement forms.
  1. Introduction
    1. Overview
    2. .NET Core
    3. Tooling
    4. Case Study Application
  2. Web Application Architecture
    1. Middleware
    2. Services
    3. HTTP Server
  3. Application Configuration
    1. project.json
    2. Main Method
    3. Startup Class
    4. Configure Method
    5. Configure Services Method
    6. MVC Components
  4. Controllers
    1. Introduction
    2. Requirements and Conventions
    3. Dependencies
    4. Action Results
  5. Models
    1. Introduction
    2. Persistence Ignorance
    3. Dependency Inversion
    4. Object-Relational Mapping
    5. Entity Framework (EF) Core
    1. Introduction
    2. Conventions
    3. Layouts
    4. Partial Views
    5. Client-Side Dependencies
    6. Razor Syntax
    7. Helpers
    8. View Data
    9. Strongly-Typed Views
    10. View Models
  7. Request Routing
    1. RESTful API
    2. Routing Middleware
    3. Route Templates
    4. Route Constraints
    5. MVC Middleware
    6. Attribute-Based Routing
    7. MapRoute
    8. Static Files
  8. HTML Forms
    1. Introduction
    2. Form Tag Helper
    3. Form Submissions
  9. Application State
    1. Introduction
    2. HttpContext.Items
    3. Session State
  10. Data Validation
    1. Introduction
    2. Data Annotations
    3. Input Tag Helpers
    4. Validation Tag Helpers
  11. Security
    1. Authentication
    2. ASP.NET Core Identity
    3. Cookie Middleware
    4. Authorization
    5. Role-Based Authorization
  12. Error Handling
    1. Introduction
    2. Developer Exception Page
    3. Status Code Pages
    4. Exception Filters
  13. Logging
    1. Introduction
    2. Configuration
    3. Logging Verbosity Levels
    4. Recommendations
  14. Testing
    1. Introduction
    2. Unit Testing
    3. Integration Testing
  15. Conclusion
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this ASP.NET class:

  • Experience with the C# programming language and object-oriented programming concepts.
  • Some knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript concepts.
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Students rated our Introduction to ASP.NET Core Development with Visual Studio 2015 trainers 9.38 out of 10 based on 16 reviews

Trainer was very knowledgeable and extremely patient with us beginners! She allowed us to stop her and would teach us little shortcuts that were important to our daily projects!

Jennifer Burk, KIA Insurance Associates
Bakersfield CA

Webucator made learning the material fun and easy. I will definitely request more training from this vendor. Great job Webucator!

Ashley McBride, Hay Group
Arlington VA

The class really got me set up to use VBA with Word 2007. The instructor knows her stuff and is very patient and thorough, as well as very nice!

Suzanne McKinney, CSC
Chantilly VA

This is not what I expected for a web-based class. I loved that the class size was so small and that we were able to have as much interaction with the instructor as we did. Instructor did an amazing job! I Definitely would recommend Webucator to my co-workers and friends.

Kimberly Hernandez, Colorado Dept of Local Affairs
Denver CO

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