AZ-400T03 - Implementing Continuous Delivery

This Implementing Continuous Delivery training class provides the knowledge and skills to implement continuous delivery. Students will learn how to design a release strategy, set up a release management workflow, and implement an appropriate deployment pattern.
Students in this course are interested in implementing DevOps processes or in passing the Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam.


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  1. Differentiate between a release and a deployment
  2. Define the components of a release pipeline
  3. Explain things to consider when designing your release strategy
  4. Classify a release versus a release process, and outline how to control the quality of both
  5. Describe the principle of release gates and how to deal with release notes and documentation
  6. Explain deployment patterns, both in the traditional sense and in the modern sense
  7. Choose a release management tool
  8. Explain the terminology used in Azure DevOps and other Release Management Tooling
  9. Describe what a Build and Release task is, what it can do, and some available deployment tasks
  10. Classify an Agent, Agent Queue and Agent Pool
  11. Explain why you sometimes need multiple release jobs in one release pipeline
  12. Differentiate between multi-agent and multi-configuration release job
  13. Use release variables and stage variables in your release pipeline
  14. Deploy to an environment securely, using a service connection
  15. Embed testing in the pipeline
  16. List the different ways to inspect the health of your pipeline and release by using, alerts, service hooks and reports
  17. Create a release gate
  18. Describe deployment patterns
  19. Implement Blue Green Deployment
  20. Implement Canary Release
  21. Implement Progressive Exposure Deployment
  1. Design a Release Strategy
    1. Introduction to Continuous Delivery
    2. Release strategy recommendations
    3. Building a High Quality Release pipeline
    4. Choosing a deployment pattern
    5. Choosing the right release management tool
    6. Lab: Building a release strategy
  2. Set up a Release Management Workflow
    1. Create a Release Pipeline
    2. Provision and Configure Environments
    3. Manage And Modularize Tasks and Templates
    4. Integrate Secrets with the release pipeline
    5. Configure Automated Integration and Functional Test Automation
    6. Automate Inspection of Health
    7. Lab: Automating your infrastructure deployments in the Cloud with Terraform and Azure PipelinesLab: Setting up secrets in the pipeline with Azure Key vaultLab: Setting up and Running Load TestsLab: Setting up and Running Functional TestsLab: Using Azure Monitor as release gateLab: Creating a Release Dashboard
  3. Implement an appropriate deployment pattern
    1. Introduction into Deployment Patterns
    2. Implement Blue Green Deployment
    3. Feature Toggles
    4. Canary Releases
    5. Dark Launching
    6. AB Testing
    7. Progressive Exposure Deployment
    8. Lab: Blue-Green DeploymentsLab: Traffic Manager
Class Materials

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Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Azure class:

  • Fundamental knowledge about Azure, version control, Agile software development, and core software development principles.

Experience in the following would be useful for this Azure class:

  • Experience in an organization that delivers software.

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Great beginning class - enthusiastic instructor kept the class on track and the learning fun.
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Webucator provided me with the training I needed just as well as any brick-and-mortar class I've been to. My instructor was amazing, and I was able to stay in the comfort of my own home and I didn't have to deal with traffic!!
Danelle Lipke
US Navy
This class has provided a new set of skills that will help me to be more successful in the workplace as well as more creative in my personal time. The class itself was very accessible and the lessons were easy to follow.
Becky Sanford
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