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Java Fundamentals Classes - Give yourself a strong foundation in Java with our Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced Java training courses. Security, testing, OOAD, and many other topics are also included in our fundamental course listing.

Java EE Classes - Get in-depth with JEE by taking classes on Developing Web Applications, JSF, EJB, and more.

Spring - Explore our comprehensive Spring Framework offering which includes Spring, Spring MVC, REST, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, plus many other courses.

Java Security Classes - Improve the security of your Java applications with our Java security training, including securing web applications and spring security.

Tomcat Classes - Learn to administer Tomcat for Windows or Linux with these courses.

JBoss/WildFly - Gain best practices for configuring and managing servers with our JBoss and Wildfly classes.

Why Webucator for Private Onsite Java Training?

Webucator began offering Java training in 2004. The first Java class we delivered was a one-day Java Web Services class for a small software company in Atlanta, GA. Since then, we have taught Java programming to more than 3,000 students in more than 300 private Java classes for more than 100 different organizations, ranging from small companies to large universities and government departments. Our average class size for a private Java class is 11 students, but we have delivered private Java classes for as few as three students and as many as 60. Unlike most of our classes, the larger Java training sessions tend to be seminar-style classes with less opportunity for hands-on exercises. For our regular Java classes, which include a lot of opportunity to practice what you’re learning, we generally recommend keeping the class size to under 15 students. But each class is different. If you engage Webucator for private Java training, you will have the opportunity to work out the details, including any necessary customizations, with an expert Java instructor before the class takes place.

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Why Webucator for Public Live Online Java Training?

Webucator began offering public live online Java classes at the end of 2005, almost exactly one year after we started offering private Java classes. Our first live online Java class had just one student in it, an employee in IT Enterprise Applications at a university in Indiana. At the time, there were very few opportunities to take an online course with a live Java instructor. This student had just finished learning XSLT from videos on DVDs. Now there are many other training companies that offer Java classes with live online instructors, but to our knowledge, no other company offers as large a schedule of Java courses and Webucator is still the only training company that will guarantee to run our Java classes even if we just get a single student in them. In fact, our average public live online Java class has between two and three students in it. While some classes are larger than that, classes are always small enough so that each student has the opportunity to get plenty of personalized attention. In the more than 10 years that we have been providing online Java classes, we have trained more than 1,000 Java developers.

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Why Webucator for Private Live Online Java Training?

In September, 2011, we delivered our first private live online Java class for 10 Java programmers from a global software security company. The students were highly experienced "shrink wrap" software developers, but they were new to Java. As they got through the introductory Java material quickly, our trainer customized the class based on questions and feedback from the students. According to Keith Lineberry, a software architect in the class, the trainer "did a great job meeting our needs!" Since then, we have delivered many private live online Java classes. If you have a dispersed group of developers who need to learn Java or do not have a training room available in your offices, private online training could be a good option for you.

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What people say about our training

The best gosh darn instructor in the entire world. This type of instruction fits into our busy IT world.
Will Jones
State of Alaska, Div of R&B
Webucator courses are an excellent learning tool for improving your technical skills. The teachers have incredible work experiences making the training material relevant for today's increasingly complex work assignments.
Maria Costa
Verizon Wireless
This training was an excellent introduction into the fundamentals of Java. The instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced and was able to answer questions with the confidence that only an expert could exude. There was a lot of information to cover, but I never felt rushed or like I was falling behind.
Andy Garcia
Great class with good discussion points and valuable examples for future code development.
Dirk Amandi

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