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This Spring Boot training class provides an introduction to Spring Boot, the features the project provides, and some of the most common ways it is used. Upon completion of the course, students will know how to utilize Spring Boot to rapidly define, configure, and add features to Spring applications using Spring Boot.

This course is not available yet but will be in October. Please check back.

  1. Develop Spring web applications with Spring MVC.
  2. Understand the features of the Spring Boot project.
  3. Use Spring Boot to create and configure a Spring application.
  4. Customize Spring Boot features.
  5. Develop REST web services with Spring Boot.
  6. Utilize various Spring database support including Spring Data.
  7. Secure an application with Spring Security.
  8. Use JMS support of Spring.
  1. Spring MVC Primer
    1. Integrating Spring with Java EE Web Apps - ContextLoaderListener and WebApplicationContext
    2. Spring Web MVC Overview, Capabilities, Architecture (Front Controller, MVC Pattern)
    3. Spring MVC Basics the DispatcherServlet,
    4. Configuration using @EnableWebMvc
    5. Controllers, using @Controller, @RequestMapping (Handler Methods)
    6. Controller Details using @RequestMapping, @RequestParam and @PathVariable
    7. Model Data, @ModelAttribute, Model/ModelAndView Classes
  2. Getting Started with Spring Boot
    1. Spring Boot starters, CLI, Gradle plugin
    2. Application class
    3. @SpringBootApplication
    4. Build as a Runnable jar
    5. Dependency injection, component scans, Configuration
    6. Externalize your configuration using application.properties or YAML files
    7. Context Root and Management ports
    8. Logging
  3. Building Web Applications in Spring Boot
    1. Spring MVC Controllers
    2. Using ModelAttributes
    3. @RequestMapping and @RequestParam
    4. Using a ModelAndView
    5. Using images and templates for views
    6. Using an Embedded database with JdbcTemplate
    7. Executing Sql scripts
    8. Using a production database
    9. JPA Data and JPA Repositories
  4. RESTful Web Services
    1. REST Overview (Characteristics/Capabilities, URI Templates, REST vs SOAP
    2. REST and Spring MVC
    3. Spring support for REST
    4. @RequestMapping/@PathVariable, @RequestBody, @ResponseBody, HTTP Method conversion
    5. URI Templates and @PathVariable
    6. Writing RESTful Controllers / @RestController
    7. JSON Representations for Resources
    8. Message Converters
    9. Generating XML
    10. JAXB and Jackson Message Converters for XML
    11. JAXB / @XmlRootElement
    12. Content Negotiation
    13. Client Requirements and Spring's RestTemplate
  5. Securing an Application with Spring Boot and Spring Security
    1. Spring Security Overview using the DelegatingFilterChainProxy and FilterChainProxy
    2. Using Spring Web Authentication
    3. The key Classes of HttpSecurity, AuthenticationProvider, UserDetailsService, UserDetails, AuthenticationManager, Authentication and GrantedAuthorities
    4. Using your own AuthenticationProvider and UserDetailsService with hashed passwords and tokens
    5. Spring Security Authorization overview with the AccessDecisionManager and AccessDecisionVoters
    6. Authorization using @EnableGlobalMethodSecurity, JSR250 and Spring Security Annotations
    7. Using a @ControllerAdvice for ExceptionHandling
    8. Creating your own custom Authorization Voter and AccessControlManager
    9. Using HTTPS
    10. Securing a Restful service via a customized UsernamePasswordAuthenticationFilter
  6. JMS Services (Optional)
    1. ActiveMQ support
    2. Using JmsTemplate
    3. MessageListenerAdapter
    4. SimpleMessageListenerContainer
    5. JmsListenerContainerFactory
Class Materials

Each student in our Live Online and our Onsite classes receives a comprehensive set of materials, including course notes and all the class examples.

Class Prerequisites

Experience in the following is required for this Spring class:

  • Ability to program Java applications.
  • Understanding of basic Spring applications.
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Students rated our Spring Boot Training trainers 10.00 out of 10 based on 1 reviews

This class is a great introduction into the world of SQL. The material is extremely user-friendly. I would recommend this class to any organization.

Catala Jacobs, BB&T
Whiteville NC

Instructor is very good at explaining the material in an easy to understand manner.

Preston Frazier, AFWA/A8P

I've been teaching for 30+ years and Webucator is by far the best distance learning experience I have used for IT subjects!

Robert W. Heiwinkel, AMEDD C&S
Schertz TX

I would recommend this class for anyone that wants to master the basic concepts of PowerPoint. I can now build presentations and I thought it would be much harder but the instructor made it so easy!

Nick Alexander, Associated Global Systems
Atlanta GA

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