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Web services are designed to allow Web-based access to distributed software and business services.They bring a standard, open service architecture to component development that allows them to be accessed over the Web with standard protocols such as HTTP and standard XML formats for messages and service descriptions.This course will give you a thorough understanding of the current Web services architecture, and the technologies that support Web services including the new Java APIs such as JAX-WS and JSR-181.Topics include: SOAP, WSDL, JAX-WS, SAAJ, Soap Handlers, JAXB, XML Web Services, MTOM, Security, EJB based Web Services, and a brief overview of The WS-* Standards.

This training class will look at the current state of the art of Web services, what works and what doesn't work, and also at newer standards, and how they fit into the Web services picture.This course is hands on, and students will actually build and deploy Web services during the course.

All labs are done using the JBoss 7 Application Server as the server platform, and the lab instructions include detailed directions on using JBoss.

  1. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Web Services
    1. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Overview
    2. Web Services Overview / Relationship to SOA
    3. Web services Architecture
    4. SOAP and WSDL Overview
  2. Introduction to Java Web Services
    1. Overview
      1. Java Web Services
      2. JAX-WS and JSR-181
      3. A Simple Service definition with @WebService
    2. JSR-181
      1. Overview
      2. @WebService, Modifying the Generated Service
      3. Other Annotations (@WebMethod, @SOAPBinding)
      4. The SEI (Service Endpoint Interface
      5. Lab: Defining a Service with an SEI
    3. JAX-WS Capabilities
      1. Overview
      2. WSDL to Java Mapping
      3. Capabilities (XML Messaging, Handlers, SOAP/HTTP, Client Programming
    4. JAX-WS Clients
      1. Programming Model, Generating Classes from WSDL
      2. Writing a JAX-WS Client
      3. Dynamic Clients
      4. Lab: JAX-WS Client and Dynamic Client
  3. WSDL - Web Services Description Language
    1. Introduction
    2. XML Namespace and XML Schema Overview
    3. Namespaces and Schema in WSDL Documents
    4. WSDL Structure and Elements
    5. A WSDL Document
      1. Definitions, Types, Messages, PortTypes, and Operations
      2. Bindings, Ports, and Services
    6. SOAP 1.1 Binding for WSDL
  4. SOAP
    1. SOAP Overview
    2. Message Structure
      1. Envelope/Header/Body
      2. Detailed Soap message structure
    3. SOAP Faults, Attachments
    4. SOAP Messaging and HTTP Binding
    5. SOAP Styles and Encoding
  5. SAAJ, DOM, and SOAP Handlers
    1. SAAJ Overview, Message Structure and APi
    2. Creating/Sending Messages
    3. DOM Overview
    4. Using DOM with SAAJ
    5. SOAP Handlers
      1. Overview and Processing
      2. Logical and Protocol Handlers
      3. Writing/Configuring a SOAP Protocol Handler
      4. Writing/Configuring a Logical Handler
  6. JAXB - Java Architecture for XML Binding
    1. Overview and Architecture
    2. Generating Java Classes from XML Schema
    3. Customizing Generated Java
    4. Generating XML Schema from Annotated Java Classes
    5. Web Services, WSDL, and JAXB
  7. Start From WSDL / Start from WSDL and Java
    1. Starting From WSDL
    2. Binding Customizations
    3. Starting From WSDL and Java
  8. XML-Based (Bare) Web Services
    1. XML Messaging Overview
    2. JAX-WS Providers
    3. A SOAP Provider and Source Provider
    4. XML Clients with Dispatch
    5. XML/HTTP Messaging with Provider
    6. Overview of REST and JAX-RS
  9. Handling Binary Data
    1. Overview and Issues
    2. Default handling
    3. MTOM Overview
    4. Using MTOM in Services and Clients
    5. Using DataHandler
  10. Security
    1. Java EE Security / Role Based Security
    2. Securing Web Services with BASIC Authentication
    3. Transport Security / HTTPS
    4. Securing Web Services with HTTPS
    5. WSS (WS-Security) Overview
  11. EJB-Based Web Services
    1. EJB Overview
    2. Programming EJB
    3. Creating/Configuring EJB-Based Web Services
    4. Lab: Creating an EJB-Based Web Service
  12. WS-* Overview
    1. WS-Interoperability (WS-I)
    2. The WS-I Basic Profile
    3. WS-Addressing
  13. Best Practices
    1. Coarse Grained Web Services
    2. Optimization and Caching
    3. XML Handling
    4. Interoperability
    5. Top Down / Bottom Up
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I have taken two courses so far, and already know that I will take all additional management courses, as all of the material is really excellent. Love the instructor.

Luise McCaffrey, Theta
Los Angeles CA

It was a great experience taking the web based class and I would recommend this for people who can't travel. You get to remote into your own computer and all the scenarios are set up for you in advance.

Hang Voong, Direct Energy
meriden CT

As someone who uses PowerPoint but never had the time to really learn how valuable this resource can be, I was able to take this class and walk away feeling very confident in my abilities in PowerPoint. The instructor was an incredible teacher and great resource! The time she took to make sure I understood everything was fantastic and we went at a pace that was quick enough for us to cover all the material but also slow enough that I was able to retain it! My only fear is now that everyone in my company will be leaning on me to help them do their Power Point presentations!!! Thank you again for a superb course!

Chris Deigan, Cord Blood Registry
westwood NJ

Instructor was the coolest trainer! Loved the session she conducted at our company and look forward to more opportunities.

Vasanti Balan,
San Francisco CA

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