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Live Online Training: Benefits

Expert Instructors

The instructors who teach our online classes are no less than outstanding. They have years of practical and training experience. See our student testimonials to see what people say about these classes.

Interactive Learning

Our classes are very hands on. The teaching process is generally as follows:

  1. Instructor explains new concept
  2. Instructor shows demo
  3. Students do exercise
  4. Instructor reviews solution
  5. Repeat...

During exercises, the instructor is able to (with your permission) see your computer, so he or she can provide one-on-one assistance to help you debug a problem or work through a solution.


No travel. You don't even have to get out of your PJs if you don't want to.

No cancelations for low enrollment

Traditional open enrollment classes are notorious for frequent cancelations due to the need to have enough students to recoup the cost of instructor travel and facilities. With our online classes, this isn't an issue! We will never cancel your class due to low enrollment.

Risk Free

If you're not completely satisfied, we give you credit toward another course or a full refund, at your discretion. The only requirement is that you must complete the class set up ahead of time to ensure your computer is ready for class.

Live Online Training
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