Using a Learn on Demand Virtual Machine for Intro to SQL Training

We use Learn on Demand (LOD) to host the virtual machines for many (but not all) of our classes. You access the site at using your email address and password (see below, under "Testing Your Connection").


  1. Students in classes that use Learn on Demand do not need to set up any software to participate in class. Webucator will provide a pre-configured computer for students to remote into.
  2. High speed Internet connection is required (200 Kb/s per user with 1 Mb burst capacity). You can go to if you aren't sure what your speed is.
  3. NOTE: Connections through VPN are not recommended, and can lead to issues with using the lab environments.

Testing Your Connection & Accessing Your Labs

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address and password.
    1. Public Class Students: use the same password you used to login to Webucator.
    2. Private Class Students: use the password "webucator" (not including the quotation marks).
  3. If you see your class, then you are all set. Come back to this page on the day of your class and follow the appropriate instructions below:
    1. Instructions for SQL Server
    2. Instructions for MySQL
    3. Instructions for Oracle

Troubleshooting Learn on Demand Virtual Machines

If you are having issues with Learn On Demand, see our Learn on Demand troubleshooting page.