Tips for Branding Your Blog

Blogging provides an ideal opportunity to build your brand through sharing content related to your products and services. Follow these five tips to help you engage your target audience.

  1. Write timely posts. Incorporate news, trends, and stats that relate to the product or service that you are writing about.

  2. Break up long posts. Divide a long post into smaller sections or create a list if you are making a lot of points in one article.

  3. Include multimedia. Use video, photos, infographics, or audio to present your content whenever possible.

  4. Don't oversell. Don't focus entirely on selling your products or services. If your blog feels like an advertisement, no one will want to read it. Make sure you include lots of useful tips and resources.

  5. Diversify the voices on your blog. Interview experts, write question-answer style posts, and invite guest bloggers. Readers generally find new voices refreshing, but make sure that the overall mission of your blog is still being followed.
Author: Bob Clary

Bob Clary is an experienced online marketing professional. Bob's certifications include Microsoft Licensing Overview Assessment, Microsoft Partner Network Sales and Marketing Competency Assessment for Learning Solutions, Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ), and Google Advertising Fundamentals.

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